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Fame here. That's a little imminent outline holy crap that's hard to read I'm saying to myself whatever APP is putting this stupid notification up there I'm deleting it and then it was g mail time to go to outlook buddy. They had this whole beautiful process that they went through about how they arrived at these icons I. Really. Effort guys come on this. This is stuff that needs to be usable and readable and glance able and these icons are not especially for the new drive icon and most of the. Sub Services within Google drive like slide sheets keep all of those. We needed something better. We need something simpler and Y'all went more primary colors in kindergarten more than no Simplicity Modernism. It. Just, over it, it kind of. Over commits to. One particular. Design Ethos and color scheme and i. see what Google's trying to do here it's it's consistent to a fault and I think it I don't think benefits any of the It it doesn't benefit any of the the usage of of these. Of the software, right but. The interesting thing is that this uniformity? There's mean going around about what Google sees. Right? They see the the various unique designs and shapes and really just because they're all the same color it really the only way to differentiate it is the shape of these. Of, these icons and the shapes are so generic an indistinct that it's very easy to get say Google drive confused with. Google home and. This means is that what Google sees what you see? Are Very different things and I I just wonder how long it'll take for. Google to sort of accept defeat here or are they going to double down and just? Really, just commit to this long-term. I've seen six different ways to fix these icons. I'm looking at one from red at right now and. Even just even just backing away from the all of these apple cons need to have all four colors in them would make things markedly better like it's okay for some of these services to only blue or only be read or only green. I do not need a rainbow in everything. Don't don't dare Google to do anything or they'll get. You know the the Ghost of Pablo Picasso to paint something. SCURR no no. I've got I forgot contacts and I've got I compact studio. I don't have to care about these new icons on my home screen or my after for at least another.

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