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I don't need you and neither does my dad brother and then everyone was the third movies not happening so there is like you're watching it and like we note this so you're watching the movie like these people hate each other and you know it's over money and sort of fame and maybe that's why. I liked it so much. Just having co workers have to be together that don't like each other behind the scenes drama. It truly does sustain me in many ways. It's the way is there anything for note heads was he was he was in a fight with anyone no but I did see him on the street once in New York and I was high and I was. I don't know if I should say anything. I don't know if I should say anything because he was so handsome and I guess when we were shoulder to shoulder and he was carrying a briefcase and it's like where are you going. Ah What do you have in their scripts of the good wife. Like what business meeting do you have. We got shoulder to shoulder and I turned to him and I said you're great and he looked at me he goes. Thanks Kid. Oh that's scary because he didn't like me. He didn't want to be talking to me but I was like. Thanks for like giving me what I want what I needed. I promise I won't interrupt anymore. After this. I do have a quick Chris. Noth Alfred Molina Crossover Okay so on my old twitter account before I got frozen. I once tweeted just so everyone knows Chris. Noth is the poor man's Alfred Molina. This was is years ago. Yeah apparently both Chris because I didn't tag anyone. I'm not sure I just a general thought and apparently both Christmas and Alfred Alfred Molina regularly search their names on twitter because they both replied with complements to each other where Alfred risk sorry Freddie. My friend replied saying I think Chris Noth is the best Chris Noth he can be aggressive and then Krizner Chris Noth was like thanks buddy your loved you in Spiderman do it was so nice and then if I recall you then tweeted back at Alfred Molina and really please come on the Bechtel cast and then sure enough two years later he was on it do that so that's nice great. Thank you for this now. Thank you very much someone snapped and that was beautiful so okay we've so they're looking for an apartment find expensive. One in big like I got soup. Yeah and Kerry is trying to figure out what to do with her apartment. She's considering selling it but she's worried what might happen if like she and big split up up again because they have like five hundred times at this point. It's a lot I guess and so they're not married so she would have no legal rights to this property because he bought the whole thing so he's like okay. Let's get married and she's like okay cool. Let's do that and then they start planning the wedding. She gets featured featured in vogue photo shoes. Bergen for forty five seconds and then you're old you're just like no Kuenssberg in Europe look but no one says that and then the scenes over and she is given address by Vivienne Westwood who I guess is a fancy designer but I'm too poor court know that Gwen Stefani says her name in a song. Oh no no kidding so you know she is cool. Then we get some subplots that it take up time some tension between Maranda and her husband Steve they hardly have sex anymore. Yeah then we've got Samantha and her boyfriend Smith their sex life is also kinda like slowing down because she's so horny and she just can't get enough settle. There's a lot of stuff revolving like some very expensive ring in the wrong prison bothering. It's like we're relating to it. Were feeling sixty thousand dollars on a ring. I wanted to buy it for myself and then she start spying on her new neighbor who's always fucking as well up so then carry starts to move out of her apartment and then everything is like fun and cool until Steve Tells Miranda that he had sex with another person and she's like well screw you then and she leaves meanwhile big. He's not taking the wedding planning seriously. This is his third marriage. He's over. He's a thug about weddings. He's yeah he's prepping for season. One of the good wife he's like. Can we move on Juliana. Margulis was my good wife right good wife his wife. It's a very good show that was like the kind of show that I was like this. Show is was fine and then I was like I'm in season six and I literally could not tell you a thing that happens in that show. I've never watched he's good here in Washington. The good fight I'm not I don't have four dollars to spend on simply. Can't I watched the good place anyway there so so at the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding steve shows up and it really upsets Miranda so she goes up too big and she's like you're crazy for getting married. Marriage ruined everything anything and so he decides you're right yeah so it's the day of the wedding bigs trying to contact carry on her flip tip phone love. The hardly has hit in it. Yes in of weirdly silent seen that child is only allowed to speak twice in the entire movie. There's moments room just like it would be so much less weird if she had a line of dialogue here but she just looks from side to side and then like hides the flip phone. She's like the the most well behaved child I've ever seen. It's implied that she watches. Charlotte just move carry out of her apartment for three days. It isn't she. She looks like she should be in school big. Essentially he doesn't want to get out of the Limoux. He is like Carrie. I don't think we should do this and then she attacks him with her bouquet of flower. I did love that part of beautiful scene. I love that part visually beautiful. That was one of the few times that I was like. I agree with Gary Right now. I don't but we'll talk about that. She than we cut to a few days later. She is just shake into her core. Their friends are trying to comfort her. They go to Mexico and I was supposed to be her honeymoon trip tip. She does the same thing that Bella doesn't twilight which is basically blacks out for seventy two hours and wastes away and that she's like whoever will I ever laugh again and then Charlotte Shits ourselves and then she laughs chef part time time some things happen for a while and then New Year's Eve rolls around in Marand Kerry hang out because they're both single had such such a beautiful scene to New Year's Eve song but they do it. It's like instrument and like I mentally don't. I feel like you did like you may have hit every kind of unravels. She goes back to New York and hires assistant to help get her life yeah. This is how how like disposable Jennifer Hudson character is written to be as you can forget to mention her in the movie doesn't change now. You really achieve diversity name. Louise leased from Saint Louis and then big is still trying to get in touch with Kerry but she like deletes his emails. She has a new phone number carries areas one of those terrifying women. I refuse to you like learn how to use the phone. I'm too rich which they're out. There and I just know how to use the computer pewter either no and she she's like I'll hire someone. You Bitch dyes her hair. She does her hair Brunette. Brown as a color of sadness. I've found that to be training and then Charlotte Brown haired one also the other brown haired one finds out. She's Greg Nt. She is Greg mant. Yes she's got a little greg so now new year's Eve rolls around and then and fashion week happens I gotta get with the thing is like they need this whole movie funded by various brands and so there's entire there's that whole scene in the pharmacy where you're like this is unnecessary but you're like oh but Garni a I get it. They just need various checks and then Kuranda carrier hanging out on Valentine's Day and Kerry. Maybe it was my fault. Maybe that's why big left and then Miranda is is like well actually 'cause. I told him that he was stupid to get married. Even that's clearly not so great. Can you think of how how many offhand things you've said like. I would have forgotten saying that within literally two hours right. I mean I'm getting married in people. Tell me all the time not to get married using out of the LIMO. No like listen. I gotta get divorced on my own. You know like I have to go on the journey. I understand that but it's a lesson I have to learn the hard and expensive catastrophic way big reacts to that as if it is the first time he's heard it but we already do lies right. He's just like like wait a second this. He's a weak man. I have a whole shug elder talk about this later on insane but Miranda's acting like it's this big the secret she's been keeping and then carry reacts such a way that she. I mean she's furious. She gets stuck on a bunch of balloons right. Visually hilarious reminds as we have like at my birthday party last year so many people confronted my then at the time new boyfriend for long boarding there and you know he stuck around whereas the longboard in the trash where I put it so it's like relationships should be able to whether these comments is what I'm saying yes so eventually carry forgives gives Miranda and then she starts to figure out how she can forgive Steve. There's a whole Brooklyn Bridge Reunion. They get back together Samantha. Anthony is horny still for her neighbor but she's like I'm with Smith. I can't fuck my neighbor so then she dumps Smith which I thought was one of the more of like Samantha does a number of things that are just horrible in this movie that I hate but the speech she gives to her haughty. You boy friend who loves her. I really did like because she's like. I like being in a relationship with myself more than I like being in a relationship with you and he was like that tracks yeah. That's why he's so chill about it. He's very cool about after naked Sushi. Also Samantha's like be plotline is that she gained ten pounds. That's right that is that is just like. Oh yeah who knows that's what that but that is like the implied wakeup call of like. She needs to break up with her wealthy TV. Actor boyfriend is obsessed with her. Whatever yeah and then Charlotte she's this point Greg Nint- is Hell Greg is ready..

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