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Say big when you bundle your auto home, motorcycle, RV or boat. Visit. Progressive dot com. Montreal to Vegas 12 periods in the books for game number six from the Bell Center, and the ABS are 20 minutes away from doing something they haven't done in 28 years, staring At the Stanley Cup final, but that's a long 20 minutes ahead in the first period. Shea Weber, captain of the have scored on the power play unassisted at 14 06 for one to nothing. Montreal lead Vegas came right back 48. Seconds later, Riley Smith with a tipping of a Shea Theodore shot his third of the postseason at 14 54 William Karlsson also assisting on that one, and it was a 11 tie. It was only the second goal. From the night's top two lines. In this entire series Second period, Montreal's Tyler Folding went off for a two minute hooking at 3 15. The Hobbs killed off their 29th straight power of play, and then their goalie came up Big Lesar sends it in for Carlson. Heels off the boards fresh off the bench at Smith and a big safe carry price and a penalty coming up to Montreal. My tree Ah, when I'm the went off for two minutes cold. Caufield then had his best opportunity of the hockey game on the PP. Erik Gustafsson drops it off the late man with speed as Suzuki. He'll just drive it in off the boards. Caufield got to it in a big, safe bike robin letter who came out And cut the angle. That's a set play the dumping off the end boards and the speed of Caufield makes it work. Well, they call them Gold Caulfield for a reason. He didn't score there. But he did just moments later. Overall under 10% just four of 42 on those power play numbers. I'm sure they're thinking about odds right now. Las Vegas, baby, You're always thinking about odds. Caufield trying to Kurt turn the corner and he scores. As he goes upstairs short side.

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