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These guys sound pretty amazing guys they are the crew they're amazing and i know you know we were talking earlier you gonna be spending more time in bozeman i it strongly encourage you to go check these guys out on fish hatchery road while it's bonnie road i think the road that goes to the barney bridge nate them while from the bridge they have their camp called camp bull will because there's a big actual bull wheel still sitting in the ard from nineteen twenties or so and yeah the guys we're going to be doing some pretty cool stuff like making a daft of technologies available to people that need them yeah hoping us yeah oh there's so many people contribute into the to the project you know volunteer guides volunteer shuttlers one guy he's planning to come i think may be from indiana he's going to be here for the whole summer his job to cook so and there was running river trips with people real chairs yeah fishing yeah people in wheelchairs or other limitations that might not be wheelchair but yeah yep organization called again camp bowl will and then the again the hospital that done a lot of the crank hospital and they do a lot of they've helped develop a lot of adaptive technology yeah good for people to look up check thing yeah it's good stuff well well thank you yeah thank you join us appreciate you take all the time and all you have long drive and it'll be dr.

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