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Vietnam veterans rest area that is shut down also known as the L. corn rest area because of landscape work Alden Jake up news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. turning cloudy for the rest of the afternoon highs sixty six to seventy then mainly cloudy and chilly tonight low forty one to forty five rather cloudy and increasingly windy tomorrow hi sixty one to sixty five plenty of sun with winds gradually subsiding on Monday on accu weather's Kerry she wanted to hammer news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. know that in order to grow faster you must have the right tools whether you're doing a million ten million or hundreds of millions in revenue net suite by oracle gives you the tools you need to accelerate your growth with net suite you get a full picture of your business finance inventory HR customers and more it's everything you need to grow all in one place right from your phone or computer next week we'll give you the visibility and control you need to make the right decisions and grow with confidence that's why netsuite customers grow faster than the S. and P. five hundred net suite is the world's number one cloud business system trusted by more than nineteen thousand companies it's the last system you'll ever need net sweet business grows here schedule your free product war right now and receive your free guide seven key strategies to grow your profits at nets we dot com slash smart that's nets we dot com slash smart nets we dot com slash smart see dealer for details the new year brings our best deal ever on a premium L. certified pre owned Lexus it's Kitty in the L. certified winter collection sales event is going on now at Lexus of Sacramento twenty six hundred Fulton Avenue and Lexus of Sacramento dot com endorsed by the courtroom take your home from ordinary to extraordinary with quarter past the tile and stone court passes huge selection of stone porcelain and glass coupled with over sixty years of experience and high end design makes your home improvement during the reality is that the show room in Sacramento court pass the tile and stone for answers to all the questions about aging joined Bob's Gravano in assets and aging Sundays at seven PM on.

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