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Twenty four seven news center the union representing 1300 seattle cop says it's filing a labor complaint against mary ed murray colors pete combs reports of center or the conflict is the mere sweeping order mandating the use of body cameras in a statement tacoma news radio the seattle police officers guild says it's not opposed to body cameras instead union members are opposed to the mayors order requiring all patrol officers to wear those cameras the statement says the guilt is especially upset about a july eighteenth memo supposed really written by city attorney pete homes that according to the union says we've decided to move forward on body kim's regardless of the consequences under labour law money could be at the bottom line of this dispute the seattle times reports spark wants a one point five percent raise for all officers who wear plotted camps but neither the union nor the city will confirm that pete combs komo news members of the seattle city council her to the public as they consider legislation that would ban landlords from considering someone's criminal background when vetting potential writers the concern is that the practice is an institutional form of racism and extremely is with the columbia legal service twenty percent of people who leave prison leaf end homelessness research is absolutely clear the more people we get housed less crime we have several amendments to the ordinance were discussed with another hearing on the plan scheduled for next month former bank manager in west seattle has been sentenced to more than four years in federal prison for stealing from elderly customers us attorney annette hayes says roberto dealers battled more than a halfmillion dollars from the counts of elderly customers while working as a manager of a chase bank branch in west seattle hase's steel acted as a.

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