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The max of two hundred million dollars over the life of that contract although most of it is a incentivebased them certainly one of the key phrases that has come out of this negotiation has been almost unanimous support for this arthur blank the falcons owner and the guy who heads up this compensation committee said that he was pleased to have nearly unanimous consensus among ownership in favor of signing the contract which obviously brings up one named in mind jerry jones who was the leader of the charge against the roger goodell resigning through this whole process in a way that will we really haven't seen and you heard the comment i think for arthur blank at a couple of other owners that this had been as transparent a process for something this high stakes in the world of the nfl is we've had maybe ever and while it may seem like this is a decisive win four arthur blank and that crowd that had looked at uh jerry jerry jones excuse me that it looked at jerry judge and said no we're not going to bend to your demands in this were not going to acquiesce to what you've been trying to put forward we have what seems like a deeply personal agenda for jerry our own adam schefter pointed out that this isn't exactly over our jerry jones's side the compensation committee sent out to the other orders today it said it's great to add lear unanimous approval unusually when the leak which is something very significant and important they always have unanimous approval in this particular case was doing noted that they said that they had near unanimous approval i don't think jerry judges probably in favour this i think he was on the lookout to try to modify this deal keep it in check reduce some of the money in the package seeking could perhaps change.

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