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Louis. Cama wax? Well, school's out for the rest of the week at Saint Charles county school after a number of students called out sick more than one hundred kids out sick yesterday at assumption Catholic school. Oh Fallon experiencing flu like symptoms. Officials have decided to shut down today and tomorrow to sanitize the building the trial of a man with murdering a Saint Louis county police officer in two thousand sixteen enters its fourth day today. A forensic psychologist testified yesterday Trenton Forster had a long history of drug and alcohol abuse and mental health issues and was not trying to commit suicide by cop when he shot and killed officer. Blake Snyder, the prosecution also rested its case yesterday the trial opened Monday, and is expected to run through at least tomorrow, Kevin Colleen is in Clayton following the latest updates, and we'll have a report for us later today, a university of Missouri student from the Saint Louis area facing drug charges in the death of another student last month Carson Latimer charge this week with still livery of a controlled substance. The nineteen year old accused of selling Percocet to Boston Perry of the altho- on January twenty first the man found dead the following day in his dorm room at Mark Twain residence hall, Highland, Illinois, planning to install surveillance cameras in an effort to fight crime. The city council seeking. Bids for fourteen cameras to be installed around Highland, including at city square. Highland. Police chief Chris Conrad says the cameras could help curb vandalism in the downtown area. New TSA reports show a record number of firearms more than forty two hundred discovered at airport checkpoints last year and eighty six percent of those weapons were loaded. I think more people are just simply carrying weapons in the country. And we reflect what we're seeing around the country. That is TSA administrator David Picasso Atlanta. TSA screeners found the highest number of guns two hundred ninety eight located in carry-on bags from the Jefferson Bank and trust business desk. Payday lenders won a major victory this week. After the Trump administration's consumer financial protection bureau proposed a revision to the payday lending rule that requires lenders to verify that the bar where borrower has the ability to repay the loan. There's really does send a message that this agency that was tasked with protecting consumers would rather instead leave everything open and allow lenders to do whatever they see fit better Suzanne Martindale with consumer reports who says four out of five payday loan customers have to rebar oh at the end of the loan's term and with auto title loans, one in five borrowers lose their vehicles. She says desperate people get stuck in debt. They can't get out of.

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