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The big ninety eight. He doesn't hold back. Country. Spilled the tea coming up in a second. Joe dippy on tomorrow nineties country, months, Joe dippy. Traffic jam. More time. That being said, I watched the show made me cry. Let's go around the room. What do you think it is? Amy. I watched one show one episode of the show, and I cried, what is your guess here? Ted parenthood quality guests. Friday night, lights, right? You had another one well parenthood. What did we talk about? It a lot video producer, Eddie. Somebody by the way. Entity Morgan number two skinny. Yeah. Hey, so have you seen this? Yeah. That that's it. This is my guess answering the question. He can't just watch that Morgan number to watch it for the first time. I guess I think it's a million little things. I don't know. What that is. What's ABC ABC? I thought okay. It's better though, is it really. Game writer gatherer of stories. My. You know, what it is though? Did you watch this show? Have you ever seen it? I've never seen. It is it because you got accounts and it pulled up. Bobby? Thanks. I sent Mike and note. I was like, hey, make sure put this down on this thing. Yeah..

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