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Has walked back Blumenthal yesterday saying Hey we need to get on one is present the articles today is singing a different tune what I've heard from my democratic colleagues is not only a sense of urgency about engagement but a trust in the judgment to speak and I think she will make the right decisions at the right time all right so he last night since we got to move on with this what are we doing send those articles over today eight trusts in my judgment of the speaker saying that you'll make the right to so what the hell happened here she call up she have her own **** lock box like Hillary hands there has to be some I mean these people are even scared over in the Senate back to the fall in San Diego this is Tony great to have you Sir glad you waited you're up next the EIB network cried by running thanks so much is happy new year it may include for a long time this morning you commented about products and services results as to the reason why president trump so successful and manager rang a bell with me in terms of everything that he's fighting against in Washington DC and really I called my brother in Atlanta and always listen and that the constant Belper mentality is what's going to be able to deal with the process because it goes on in Washington DC because when you're develop earn your sign in the front of the check you get stuck in these projects I got friends that years ago all you had ten years fifteen I have a friend that trade break ground next next month twenty years in the making to put all those years in the cramped in so what it was just a great great short sweet statement that you made that best describes why this president is going to be so successful so I appreciate that where you're more than welcome I'm glad for that observation and yes if it's even more than that it's not only the reason why he is going to succeed right if you're the only guy interested in results in progress achievement and moving the ball and everybody around you is interested in the process you can't help but when when you have the power trump has but in addition to that the process there's another word for it the establishment there's another term for it the deep state believe me this system that they have that's been in place for well literally since World War two that has slowly been adopted and believe in the American people it just takes a long time to get anything done when governments involved and they've told us that they've conditioned us to accept it because it's so bearing and it's so intricate and we have partisanship here and partisanship over there the longer the process goes on the yeah that that was a lot of power for people involved in the process and having no solutions allows for never ending studies which cost money which are paid to people to conduct I mean it's a racket in a sense the illusion areas that the process is advancing things that the process is moving the ball but it doesn't I bet if you stop and think but I can't I can't unfortunately think of a specific off the top of my head let me think back over your in recent years as you have watched government and you've seen proposals for tax cuts and nothing happens for years or you've seen a proposal for whatever policy issue that your support and it doesn't really ever happen it might get close you've just become accustomed to the fact that this is how it works and so here comes this giant wrecking ball thrown into the midst of this that wrecking ball is named Donald Trump and he doesn't live this way and he doesn't conduct business this way and he's not at all comfortable with or successful because of process he's a results oriented guy so he's pushing for results pushing pushing pushing and look at what has happened in just three years things that the American people have been conditioned to believe do not happen in.

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