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You go including eight hundred forty miles of coastline boy you can't beat that with a dead cat and milk nor would you want to i might add that it is scenic wonders like you seventy a lake tahoe sequoia kings canyon the winecountry we've got that and they can't take it away they can charges through the eyes to see it and go the air but they can't take it away the state uh may come up with an idea down or to down the road to sell it china but they still not going to be able to take it away us news also highlighted that although california politically leans to the left big time with millennials and latinos is the biggest number of newly registered voters religion is important to california's with about a third of the adult residents attending weekly services does that give us any hope at all they also found the california business leaders are subject to very high costs to comply with a capricious there were not mind state and the local government regulatory system yes thank the financial burden is seen as an increasing job killer for smaller firms that are least able to bear the costs and we know this story my friends and we hear this story all the time on came j and it's so sad and within that that demography of people um they're leaving their leaving the stating great great numbers and they're not being replaced by like people they're being replaced by takers they're being replaced by individuals who would play upon and pray upon the system for their existence anyway more to say on this and i want to involve you to some degree four nine zero fifty eight fifty eight as again we look at this report you know you believe a dull believe it but i mean we pretty much no it's true us news crowning california as the worst state in the united states of america for quality of life anc california the great state of california how could this be i just told you alba's could be you wanna comment four nine zero 58 58 news now here's liz thank you race stocks on wall street falling by more than five hundred points it.

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