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Ninety days in harrisburg tony romeo kyw newsradio a federal court panel has upheld pennsylvania's congressional district realignment map kyw justin trudeau has that story a threejudge panel says the 2011 realignment of pennsylvania's congressional map is constitutional a loss against the commonwealth alleged gerrymandering a practice where political boundaries are manipulated the favor one party was at play with eighteen districts in pennsylvania were put together and that's who goes on to say that realignment favors republicans but in a two to one decision federal judges decided that was not the case in the realignment is constitutional justin trudeau kyw newsradio kyw news time four thirty six and the five day forecast now we check in with katie fehlinger in the eyewitness weather center katie step out the door this morning and your struck by how well mild it is for this time of year indefinite lane another still a cool honest to the air but by comparison to recent days even just yesterday when it started a warm up already brand and things are really feeling a lot less harsh to you were in the mid thirty's upper thirty's already cracking forty and a couple of spots so no icing worries today rather we're just going to continue the fog continued the melt most of the day features clouds but its way milder so i'd silk what qualify this is a really nice taye the daytime high hits the eib in the low f mid50s and then later tonight those rain showers from our next round system do finally begin to develop they'll be somewhat spotty in nature initially of the rain and the moisture is going to over spread the region through the day tomorrow oh probably coming through in a few batches with the heaviest most widespread rainfall that will see but i'd say that really any time is fair deigned to be a little day about there but you'll want to have an umbrella ready tomorrow all the way up to sixty three degrees now comes saturday much colder air works in in the wake of the storm were still left with some early rain that morning but then we're just wanted driving's out lingering clouds through the rest of the day but the temperatures are going to start to drop off quickly so we hit a high of fifty six very early on and then the temperature starts to really drop off so you don't expected to be in the.

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