Marijuana, Mainstream Media, Malia Obama discussed on Did She Say That with Sonnie Johnson


A you if you listen to black people you will understand are taken in his because i've had so many conversations were just regular black people and they're like i never feel like oh criminal in this country you know i do everything right at pay my bills don't know buddy pay for shipping me i'd take care myself i do this i do that and never feel like a criminal in this country to like i go to buy my sec and they i felt like i had the look over my show that the be scared to death as the police behind me is that you know what i'm say just because this is well i choose to relax myself and so many of them have that reason it as to like data is not even understand into them if they man and they all business and taken care of their own shit why does why is it wise it illegal so the twisted all it is is now that white people are now making money off of this shit legally you know they've set a bit used for them to make them to make money off the shelf eagerly and they're getting paid off of it there are still black boys in these progressive areas that are again locked up for possession of marijuana see you have all of these white jolly figures on cnn now on mainstream media now smoking we must mile mullah malia obama smoky away nobody cared nobody nobody touches there nobody's they have no fear apprehended but let a little odd that a little black boy lock her up let a little latvia away let a little black boy in a have we'd all him and they will fuck his whole life up.

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