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About your. Yeah. Horrible. It actually, you know, we should be referring to it. As a hog. It's actually a domestic pig. Yeah. It's not a popularly pig. It's actually like a feeder pig that has been rescued in taken in as a pet pig. So why is it there? Well, Jack was losing his testees today. Yak? Not sure how old Jack is just as rescue situation. But he was a, sweetie. He was actually in the out of his vehicle and walked into our clinic. Does Jack live with any other pigs? Why why is he getting neutered? Well, that's the whole thing. He was taken in as rescue. So the hope is that we can get him into a housing situation that could be appropriate because obviously a three hundred pound pig is not the norm for most people when they reach maturity, do they get I don't think my question was answered. Who's your question? Did I did I dodge it why would you neuter him? Okay. Yeah. Yeah. The meal pigs can be very aggressive that if they're not neutered with my quest. So he has been gentleman with us. But we actually did have a shoe injury win of receptionist. Taking video for Instagram and Facebook and her she had stepped on and her shoe just tour, so yeah, listen learn that they're very big and strong. But yeah, so you do not want either a female pig that is in heat becoming aggressive with you or a male pig being church or ill. So yeah, that's one of the reasons we spend neuter. But then also we just don't want other pigs that might be kept in the same area to breed or wild pigs. You know, a lot of areas that country while pigs. We don't want them to bust into a yard debris. Can we see this on Instagram is it the whole thing the whole Ford shoe incident on this shoe incident did not make film? I was kinda sad about that. I asked that same question. But no, we have some some cute video and photos of him. He is a he is a speedy. What is the Instagram page? Honestly, you gotta leave it to the geeky little millennials. Don't you? I do I know Facebook. But that's about all Judy says, she'll find out after the show and put a leak over at the website if anybody's interested. Do you travel with your dog? Of course, my pets are part of our family me too. I take daisy with me everywhere. Right. Daisy. So how do you find out what hotels? Welcome you're dawn. I read Fido friendly, the traveling lifestyle magazine for you and your dog sounds.

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