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Why did a great game von Miller at a great game we saw some often. No, no. He had been the best player in the league. Now you saw some of the stamina issues on a bit of a pitch count because he hadn't been in training. Camp and the Packers going no huddle and hurry up, took him out of the game a bit in the second half. But this is why you don't trade a player this good and Chris Collins worth slipped something in the broadcast. Now maybe clue max recreating history, but I'm gonna take him. His word. Chris cons were said on the broadcast, I asked Khalil Mack if Jon Gruden had called you and said, listen, man, you are guy. You are our best player. We are never moving you. Let's work this out. Would that have made a difference according convert Mak said yet, it would have well, that's a phone call. Gruden's gonna regret. I would say for ten years in Oakland, but for might be his three or four years in Oakland. I don't know how they're he'll make it like you. You can't get rid of a player like that and get fair value. You just can't he and to see him if people hadn't been watching the raiders a lot. So they weren't on national TV a ton there, west coast team like he's so big like to be able to move the way he can. And those two plays. He made the flash. Place to strip and the pick that what separates him from other excellent pass rushers like, DeMarcus, Lawrence, let me use him. I know he's only had one year of it, but he's an excellent pass rusher, but he does one thing right gets to the quarterback Khalil's ability. He took the ball just took it from Sean Kaiser, then the interception and the like to finish the interception not stumbling, not getting caught, but to score and on the people miss this on the seventy five yard. Randall Cobb play the person who comes the closest to tracking them down right before he gets to the end zone is Khalil Mack who ran across the field and almost caught Randall Cobb. This guy is an elite athlete amongst elite athletes. Of course, he changes everything for Chagall. We weren't even talking about the bears before Khalil. Mack was traded their as anything contender a force to be reckoned with. And it's rare to have a guy who can join a team and make such an impactful difference that you actually considering them. Now as team to watch. Moving onto the patriots and the Texans, Tom Brady into Shawn, Watson to Shawn, Watson struggled, completing only half of his passes and turning the ball over twice in the Texans loss. Tom Brady was Tom Brady, even a forty one, didn't miss a beat in week one throwing for two hundred seventy seven yards. And three touchdown Brady said after the game, New England can be even better than that moving forward. I don't think we played, you know, anywhere near what our capabilities are. So I think it's good to win obviously. But. We do a lot better than that. I think just turn a ball over and not take a minute. Some opportunities that we had out there. All of us probably look at the game and realize we could've done a lot of things differently. I think it was terrible. I'm part so you can just. I just feel that you can put on me because I'd be way much better than what I show today. It's my energy was low and over thinking things, but. You know, we just got to capitalize on Rizzo. Don't turn the ball over and just kind of continue to do what we do won't play at a time, be on the same page and and just go from there. This wasn't a game that should have been an obvious patriots win. This was sort of scaled down, patriots offense going up against very good and healthy for a change. Texans defense where you press by what the patriots sit in their win. Absolutely. They their ability to keep Tom Brady clean for the most part, sat twice only hit five times compared to by the way to Sean was hit a dozen times in the game..

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