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Celebration Saturday on February ninth from ten AM to five PM stop by seminal scuba and register today for great prizes for info. Visit someone else scuba dot com. With traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning, we're helping you get to work on time. I'm Ed Torrence, news ninety six point five WDBO you with the rhinestone dot collar between us dogs. I convinced my human of great to a new home with the twelve hundred square foot bathroom. I think she call it a yard with Wells Fargo's three percent down payment on a fixed rate loan. My human realized new home was within reach learn more at wellsfargo dot com slash. Wells Fargo home mortgage down payments as low as three percent on a fixed rate loan require mortgage insurance has a home mortgage consultant about loan requirements. Wells Fargo home mortgage is a division of Wells Fargo Bank. Equal housing lender. MLS RIT three nine nine hundred one runs upon a morning. There was a freshly brewed me- cafe coffee was made with one hundred percent arabica beans yet. Something was missing. Fear. Not in the distance, a sausage mcmuffin. Sunrise. Quest for breakfast. The perfect McDonald's and mornings were happy forever. After. Right now, get a one dollars small coffee and a two dollars sausage mcmuffin with action the one two three dollars precipitation, very Kennedy combined with any other offer combo meal at a lot a lot the best workmanship warranty in the industry period. End of sentence. Mossy fence you can find out more details when you go to AM Joe fence dot com. That's A AM Joe, fence dot com there locally owned and operated, Shane and Brandon Miller. You gotta love doing business with them. They're just a good upstanding people. I love Shane brandy. You can find information you go to AM Joe fence dot com. You're a smart consumer you want to get all of your options. You gonna find out all the details. So as you're having a fence installed around your home or business or your property, whatever it is a baby at large or small mossy fence can take care of your project for you. Find out more details right now. Go to AM Joe fence dot com. That's A AM Joe fence dot com..

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