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Last couple of things I want to do in touch on the AIG women's open over at muirfield yesterday watch the finish, Ashley buhai, who's South African wand, incredibly emotional, her husband. I think it was her husband. They kept showing him on TV. He was making me laugh out loud, how fired up and into it he was. But I think it was a four hole playoff. That her and NG chon had just like as really as good as it gets as high pressure as it gets. There were some huge putts made. UI actually I kind of was choking it away all day, just didn't have her best stuff to cheat off with a pretty good lead. I think shot like 75 made like a four, 5, 6 foot or whatever it was on the 72nd hole to get into the playoff. I always find that impressive, like we were just talking about Tom Kim, you know, starting with a quad and then coming back and winning by 5. I always find like when you're struggling, somebody's struggling all day and the momentum is not in their favor. It feels like them coming down the stretch going into a playoff like they're just gonna lose that person never wins. And she somehow battled it out, played damn well on the playoff. It had a lot of good shots. It was getting colder and colder in the 18 poles like 430 yards, hard hole bunkers left and right. She had the fairway every fucking time. Hit a bunch of good shots and then ultimately had a sick up and down on the fourth again, I think it was the fourth playoff hole. A bunker shot that's just like in that range that none of us have. None of us have. She's like in that kind of weird circular bunker they have on like the faraway part of it. So you gotta go over another part of the bunker and then the pins on the far side of the green up over a knob. Somebody had a great response to kind of my tweet about it. That was like this shot always for me begins with like heads up over there and you're trying to take like this full swing. You don't know if maybe you should use like a gap wedge or something because it's that far of a shot and she hit it to like 6 inches to win the goddamn thing. So just an iconic shot from her fun to watch down the stretch. So shout out to her win in the AIG women's open. Muirfield, iconic. It's crazy. Golf is still just being played over there. You know what I mean?

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