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Welcome back this is the bench got a big hour for you coming up a little bit later on in the hour we'll be taking your phone calls here on the dentures and done that in awhile so get ready for that will be hearing from you the people but we begin at this hour with actually a report from across the seas this is an amazing story from the U. K. independent and it goes to show you how political correctness does kill people people actually get killed thanks to political correctness when you get independent dozens of teenage girls suspected of being groomed and abuse in Manchester by gangs of men from Asian background so you have to understand that when you K. independence as Asian backgrounds this is a euphemism for Muslim men is it is the euphemism that is used in the U. K. usually the south Asian I mean Pakistan of Pakistani origin is typically what what they mean they do not mean like Chinese or Korean people when they say Asian background dozens of teenage girls suspected of being groomed abuse in Manchester by gangs of men from Asian backgrounds were failed because police upset and feared upsetting race relations according to a new pro victims repeatedly alerted officers about sexual assault giving names and addresses of those involved but in almost all cases no action was taken now a bombshell report suggests greater Manchester police and the city council Sheldon investigation into what was happening at least partially because of the quote many sensitive community issues they felt faced with the one hundred forty five page in the menu review says concerns were expressed about the risk of proactive tactics or the incitement to racial hatred so in other words let girls be groomed and raped because we are afraid of upsetting the local Muslim population or we are afraid of creating a racist backlash to Muslims in the area the report is the authorities knew that many victims were being subjected most profound abuse and exploitation but did not protect them from the perpetrators this is a depressingly familiar picture and has been seen in many other towns and cities across the country the verdict forms part of the probe carried out by childcare expert Malcolm Newsome and former Cambridgeshire police detective Gary Ridgeway and how sexual child exploitation was dealt with in the city in the early and mid two thousand it centers on operation Augusta which was set up in two thousand four after the death of Victoria gold Leah fifteen a girl who is reported being raped but who died from a suspected overdose soon after she alerted authorities to the abuse of the system sickle subsequently identified at least fifty seven victims mainly white girls aged twelve sixty seven ninety seven potential suspect involved in grooming across the region but senior officials at GMP under resource the investigation before closing it down completely with the backing of Manchester city council only three people were convicted of related crimes court the force had at that time just finished dealing with unrelated cases involving the Kurdish community had created severe tensions and officers were keen not to be seen targeting another minority group it is suggested in closing the investigation begins in Britain there ports as quote very few of the relevant perpetrators were brought to justice and neither were their activities disrupted it details a sample of case studies from the period in which allegations of rape and sexual abuse have been made by teenage girls for each one the report concludes with the same sense we cannot offer any assurance that this was appropriately addressed either by GM P. or Manchester city council despite clear evidence the police had names addresses and even places of work of men suspected of carrying out the abuse so in other words the police literally ignored young girls being raped because they're afraid of backlash against Muslim men in Great Britain the reason this is important is again because the west has become it somewhat suicidal when it comes to the protection of its own citizens now you don't have to be Christian to be a member of the last and lots of Muslims or west numbers western societies well I didn't Muslims moderate Muslims right now there are many of them just in Britain they just to a large extent in the United States the notion of part of western elites in order to protect the racial minorities you have to ignore crimes committed by racial minorities is patently insane dangerous and has cost and yet we are seeing this in the United States as well half of the criminal justice reform nonsense we've seen push is rooted in this idea if a disproportionate number of minorities are arrested for crimes and this reflects underlying societal racism as opposed to the number of people who are committing crimes in a particular community that of course is crap police responded to reports of crimes generally they're not out there seeking crimes in order to find people to arrest an arrest report is made based on an allegation by somebody and his murder based on finding a body is the fact that a disproportionate number of minority people are involved in the crimes does not say anything about law enforcement it doesn't say anything about the society in which this is taking place and yet the left because it is dominant culturally in the west in in Britain and in the United States as well as suggested that any disparity between racial groups in the amount of crime committed must be due to the society and therefore the best solution is to let criminals back on the street or nor the motherly now you never see the same sort of the care taken with regard to male female discrepancies in crime what comes to violent crime nearly all violent crime in all western societies in non western societies is perpetrated by males yes males exists and high levels of testosterone and aggression and they pursue violent crime at rates that extraordinarily outpace those women and yet you never see people saying well I guess it's because the size of Texas that so many men are in prison it must be just a reflection of she sidles society society matriarchal tendencies you never see that argument may because the down argument when it comes to race then all the sudden the idea is if you police based on where the crime is this makes you a bad person the person is being hit with this right now is it Michael Bloomberg your time has a piece today called I was wrong Bloomberg says but this policy still haunts him after defending the stop and frisk policing tactic the former mayor apologize but black voters in the democratic presidential race may not forgive him now the whole idea that stop and frisk was inherently racist is garbage the fact is that a disproportionate number by population of Hispanics and blacks were stopped and frisked by the police it is also the fact that a disproportionate number of crimes in the city of New York are committed by blacks and Hispanics in fact as a proportion of the criminal arrests made in New York City stop and frisk actually disproportionately profile people who are not black and Hispanic statistically speaking and yet the idea is on the part of the media and stop and frisk resulted in disproportionate number of stop and frisk of blacks and Hispanics relative to the percentage of the population and this is a reflection of a racist NYPD the evidence of that is zero it does not exist and it is being trotted out there as as the pure unbiased unvarnished fact we'll get to more of this in just one second first let us talk about here but you are using to listen to the shows are using the old fashion about you know the ones with the wires are the stems these minimum bunch of money on your wireless about and I've lost one of 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