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To thirtyseven friday a mix of sun and clouds heireann sixty low forty five saturday mostly the partly cloudy a stray light shower possible afternoon or evening high seventy low fifty five on sunday mostly cloudy a fifty percent chance of a light shower high ron sixty two and a low around forty forty two degrees on peachtree street at four o eight i'm mark alewine news ninety five five am seven fifty wsb depend on it tells the absolute truth and clear up any misconceptions you tells it like it is and i believe i can get the truth from him instead of irma jane solutions for america nia your host herman cain thank you for joining us because you know we are going to tell you the truth give you the facts because we want you to be better informed and inspired to help make this a better united states of america thank you for joining us the austin bomber it turns out that officials near austin texas gave an update on syria bombing suspect who was killed by one of his own bombs yesterday special agent in charge fred millan ascii but the houston field division of the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms says some of the items found in the home consistent with the suspects bomb signature we're looking at associates that the subject might have had to make sure this is singular nature and there on other people that knew about this and it went on to say that they know it's him i know to the public they may look different but when you look at the internal components they're very similar to us into from laboratory analysis we know that it's the same person who manufactured the bad news is two people are dead and several injured and the good news is they found the bomber and he blew himself up second big thing you need to know duly taras united states of america and china i was on maria badeah romo's show this morning on fox business channel and she had a panel there and they were going back and forth and about the.

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