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Two thousand eight we. I was part of leadership team Offer two thousand people organization that went into an edge of transformation in the beginning. We didn't call it even at only on the journey. Solid like okay. That's that's what we want and we always say we were accidentally successful couple of things really right and only later we understood. Why was right what we are doing. And because we. I'm working for large company. I was asked to maybe share these experiences at the conference. And then i spoke at the first conference and the second conference. I met a lot of interesting people. And that was an eye opener for me. All a sudden networking start. Attracting was before that. I was not so much into networking was always getting along with people. A learning getting to know new people was not for me but then on a conference web of like minded people coming together. It's a completely different thing. So i made all these interesting people. I get invitations to more conferences. I get detail to Work groups and so on and this was such an enormous boost of learning for myself but also advancing six I mean i could share might With in in that case edry transformations of sharing their I understood limits understanding that could enhance enhancement. Sending a quite a bit in these sessions and so we had. I'm for example. Is one of the things. I'm doing on voluntary basis. Working for the lights are running an initiative. That's called supporting agile adoption and what we do is once a year. We have a week and word trump face-to-face week and workshop where we are coming together. Small team of you could say lead singers. I hate this word. it's people who have different perspectives. And we come together. We discuss what's the state of agile tendencies and trends. Do we see and then we work had workshop over the weekend discussing okay. What could be gift to the community. What could read Do in conferences and on so the interesting thing is that now. This taught me because we only met once a year. Face to face in rebuts auditing to write articles for example soviet that learned how to write articles and stuff like that with people online and that actually survived quite well into corona. because now everything's cultural and we still keep going with writing articles that's also collaboratively. Yes just net eating one of your recent posts on the lens thing about budgeting. And how do we need these. Two schools of daughter expectations on hand. We see agile is very empty. You need to experiment. You need to learn improve and all that but in a corporate environment most of the because of the investors are stakeholders market customers. There is an expectation of being creditable. Yes and seeing that canoe upfront. Say that this is what will happen on this day. Or this time what will actually create nala including how large the team be. What are the other funds that i need to commit to the budgeting and other aspects. How do you say these two different expectations. This is exactly what an entrance ovation is out in the end embracing uncertainty. So you hit the the nerve of any transformation.

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