South Carolina, Peter King, Senator Chuck Grassley discussed on The Chris Moore Show


Coulter. Cleanup efforts are underway in parts of north and South Carolina. Even as tropical storm Florence continues to drench parts of the state more than six hundred thousand homes and businesses are still without power. This man in Wilmington, North Carolina. I've been out and about and the electrical problems electoral lives down because of the trees. It's awful. It's awful this a long time. A tornado was spotted on the ground near Henderson, North Carolina. I'm Peter King in Columbia, South Carolina. It's a contradiction has the water keeps coming down the water also keeps rising while we say today. He's been flash floods. Very unpredictable, South Carolina natural resources head. Colonel. Alvin Taylor says even worse flooding is all the way in river basins in the northeastern part of the state. He says officers are going door to door talking to people are still they're getting information from them to let them know if they may be in danger and today's today or tomorrow. Today at the at the end need to really consider leaving Peter King CBS news Columbia, South Carolina. There's no indication Republicans will delay. Thursday's confirmation vote for supreme court nominee Brett Cavanaugh, but Senate Judiciary chair Chuck Grassley says he plans to call cavenaugh and the woman who claims cavenaugh sexually assaulted her. When they were in high school before the vote CBS Errol Barnett has more Senator Chuck Grassley who chairs the judiciary committee said today through his office that these quote uncorroborated allegations end quote coming to light on the eve of Cavallo's committee vote make him suspicious of democratic motives now that vote is still scheduled for Thursday with Grassley noting the Cavanaugh has been vetted by the FBI multiple times without any sexual assault allegations coming to light Cavanaugh says the incident described by California, professor Christine, blazey Ford. Never happened NTSB chair Robert wall to blame excessive pipeline pressure for. The gas explosions that killed one person at ignited eighty buildings in Massachusetts last week. He believed that the.

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