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I think there's all kinds of different Resulting effects effects of something like that. I mean the politics of it Are you know that the longer this is the focus the less yes. They're gonNA focus on the Democratic candidates for president and The more senators in Washington facing tough reelection fights have have to stay in Washington. There is that. Yeah Yeah I mean I think there are these trade offs honestly. It's it's one of these things where you know I I. I think the the timing of it is going to fall where it's GonNa fall and and people afterwards are gonNA say well. That was brilliant that they fast or they did it so a slow. Yeah Yeah I did. It was really stupid if they did. It was really brilliant so we got a caller on the line. We're going to going to salmon. We'll listen good morning Sam and they take your idea of holding this off to the suspension is factoring the whole quarter because people for the people in this country are sick of this whole thing and nobody's paying attention. Nobody's really watching It's it's search through about nothing The Democrats will false foil alarm here and I think it's going to wash back on them. They want to continue it eh. Go into the into invention seasons I gonNA pay the price okay. Well that's interesting interesting perspective. I I do think that There if if they do decide to delay is part of the strategy getting some good help from from the White House. That's one thing I I would say. So maybe it's looking at it. I mean he hasn't executive privilege And if the courts we're supposed to go initial there's three branches they're the ones inside. They're the ones who broke the glass on this thing and They're the ones who have to sweep it up. I think they made a big mistake. And pulling this deal when they didn't have the proof in in in their hands of some kind of malfeasance. You know I just think as a matter of fundamental fairness it's it's really difficult for me to hear somebody say they don't don't have the proof and meanwhile we're not going to send the witnesses they need to ask about proof and so I mean it's just To me is just a big game. It's a shell game so no because just like in any case you're you're a lot he allowed to appear your evidence and you put up your. I'm not I'm not I'M NOT GONNA go in. It's not like any court case because at any court case subpoena witness they come in. That's how it works. And you subpoena witness basically flipping the bird himself and it is a one sided. Shell Sam thanks for the call back to my guest here Dan Richardson. I did want to cover This news on illegal front yesterday with you in just a few minutes left to do so Tell me a little bit about the Supreme Cream Court delay. I guess they're saying we're not gonNA decide right away on this question of The president's tax tax reform tax returns Well what happened is there's two there's essentially two cases there's one coming out of the New York District through the New York City District Attorney's Office And there is one coming out of Congress. Both seeking President Trump's pre presidential tax returns yes for various reasons the Democrats invoking specific federal law that allows them to review Individual tax returns and and the District Attorney's Office is investigating the tax returns for various allegations That may or may not be criminal but dealing with Some of the fallout particularly from his The nonprofit foundation and trump has fought vigorously to block this release on both sides And the courts have said No. You can't Block this that. These documents can be subpoenaed by these various entities and So the Supreme Court Yesterday said Hold on we're going to keep the stay in replace. We're going to keep the status quo. But the parties have until December fifth to file their notice of appeal. So basically ten days and and you know it's characterizing it as a win for either side I think is misleading. What the court is basically saying is we're going to keep the status quo but we want on? We want this issue quickly briefed as to whether we're even going to review it And and so it's it's a little bit of a delay Now that's stay can be translated into a more permanent stay until the if the Supreme Court decides to take up the case and review it they may extend the stay a in which case the stay would go until June but that's if they don't grant the review than the stay would immediately cease and and and the records would have to be turned over. So you know this is a bit of a procedural steps that they're taking It's not clear there was no dissent In this order. So you know it may very well be Just just the court process working through and and you know it's not an unfair step. Take I mean this is what courts often do when they're considering reviewing something because if in fact the state didn't issue then the documents would have been subject to subpoena And and basically the the case would have been resolved Before the court had a chance to hear it and in something like this they want to preserve the status quo so that they can in fact make that decision. Yeah I I guess What's the calendar like? I mean if if it did go to a decision by the Supreme Court Could it'd be not until spring right right. We're probably talking about June That's usually when when this term the decisions from this coming term are are issued. Yeah so it would be curly late spring early summer and again we're really getting into the heat of the main.

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