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Who was infected KNX ten seventy John Baird lifeforce and Santa Ana with the story. This is the first case of the year in Orange County, and there are a lot of potential contacts. Since the young woman had the measles worked in a big Sanae office complex went to a movie at the AMC theater in Fullerton on Thursday, and then ended up at Saint Jude's emergency room on Saturday morning, three different places. Dr Nicole quick the interim health officer for Orange County. So we will work with hospitals to identify healthcare workers in make sure that they are immune because we don't want the minister where they then infect other people in the healthcare setting. She tells and actually will be trying to find and. Track. The people who came in contact with the young woman people most at risk for developing the missile anybody who potentially exposed to this person needs to monitor themselves for development of symptoms, and then they should notify their healthcare provider and as well as public health. She says the most important thing people can do is get vaccinated against the measles. Live in Santa Ana John, Baird KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio Long Beach men who helped his girlfriend stage robbery to Bank in towards pleading guilty to federal conspiracy charges. Plus gator say the pair stole more than fifty two thousand dollars from opus Bank in October twenty seventeen his girlfriend worked as a teller at the Bank. And he admitted to passing a note to her before making off with the money. She's already pleaded guilty in this case scheduled to be sentenced later this month. Sixty one year old retired Los Angeles police officers you in court today on charges of possessing child pornography. The LA county DA's office has he's scheduled to be arraigned. On one film account of possession of child porn. Prosecutors say images were discovered on an external hard drive.

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