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The chairman of the Senate intelligence committee North Carolina Republican Richard Burke steps aside amid a government stock investigation the FBI served her with a search warrant for his cell phone as part of an investigation into the timing of the corona virus pandemic and the sale of stocks this is a distraction to the hard work of the committee and the members and I think the security of the country's two important have a distraction Texas is John Cornyn is also on Burr's committee I respect his his decision to step down obviously this is a he's entitled to a presumption of innocence Bure has acknowledged selling the stocks because of the corona virus but said he relied solely on public news reports he says he's cooperating in the investigation at Donahue Washington this is a pay news former army staff sergeant and medal of honor recipient Ronald sure the second who later became a secret service agent has died of cancer he was forty one in this from the White House medal of honor ceremony in October twenty eighteen president trump mentioned at the time sure was fighting cancer he's done everything he can that cancer he's been fighting it every single day with courage and with strength Mandy's warrior he's a warrior sure save the lives of at least five fellow soldiers during a two thousand eight attack in Afghanistan police in South Florida looking for New York Giants cornerback deandre Baker and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar after multiple witnesses accused them of a hold up at a party last night police say when a fight broke out Baker pulled a pistol and he'd done bar and two other men robbed the others of thousands of dollars in cash before then made their get away in a Mercedes Benz a leper Guinea and the BMW I'm timid wire AP news the Senate Judiciary Committee is launching an investigation into the start of the Russia probe but will not call the previous president to testify South Carolina Republican senator Lindsey Graham chairs the committee should there ever been a Mauler investigation was a really any evidence in twenty seventeen but Graham is rejecting president trump's call to help former president Barack Obama testify about unmasking trump adviser Michael Flynn when Flynn surfaced in intelligence reports that would open up a can of worms and I have for for a variety of reasons I don't think that's a good idea he says the judiciary committee will investigate the justice department decision to dismiss the case against Flynn and possible abuses surrounding the investigation of former trump campaign adviser Carter page Jackie Quinn Washington corona virus update I'm Tim acquire within AP news minute in Allentown Pennsylvania president trump visited a facility that distributes medical equipment I'm determined that America will be fully prepared for any of the future outbreaks of which we hope is going to be nine who'd have thought president spoke after government whistleblower Rick bright went before a house subcommittee to say the country doesn't have a vaccine plan without better planning twenty twenty could be the darkest winter in modern history right says he was moved out of his job after warning the trump administration to prepare for the pandemic trump called him a disgruntled employee more than eighty five thousand people have died in the U. S. representing nearly thirty percent of the global debts that's according to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University globally more than four point three million people have been infected more than three hundred thousand have died experts say all of those figures are likely lower than the actual numbers I'm typical wire thank you for listening to the AP radio network Hey did you know that yes so seated press produces news related books here's what's new and upcoming first Pat presidential dogs cats and other.

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