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He can have sensors on his shoulders. into design, so when put on, it just looks like adjucates. It doesn't look like you're wearing anything well. I love that. You brought that up. Because that's bad I wanted to take it. And you know you mentioned fashion? And as that has been something in my mind, have been looking more towards the industrial. Zang you. which would. Include looking been I'll make. Some public would be born. Fashion designer would add a little bit more of slate. Of With visual appeal aesthetics behind that would make this product something that people want to we. You recognize even though some people might be blind or Anything which expected. To. Win But very much conscious about you know how look anyone to. Be In style just like anybody else allows. So. Critical in. We didn't think about it as a feedback that we got need to meet just. Look. Good so that you know when people when the way. It comfortable. Device will. Be I really Grazyna Vision. But I would I would love to see you. Guys get more support to really push us on. Fully develop because. You guys definitely have yeah, it is. Abilities just the anti funded. No, so. I'LL BE! As much as I could. I definitely implant. This. Go on on the edge because this is something that. Is just going to stand localized trinite out. This product has just GonNa. Stay local as the US. so that you have to do any patents designs sue I. Have Outgoing have gone to the. Could cleaning up several prisons from the Look up at the office, more or less giving some advice on it, but we haven't taken entity pointy. COPD patterned and A provisional patent, a full patent on. And, the reason for that is that you need to have season aspects of that novel, and it involves a little bit more than just taking consumer. Electronics simple damn to get to solve that problem or if you have to know, recreate a new design. DOC takes a little bit more finance. To, you know the embedded systems hang up the board as well as the industrial design which would sort. Of Fashion, I hope what will be fully fit for this particular product, so that you know you can be the look of it. And everything, and so those the EVS. Refine a mall and you mentioned. That's not something that can be international I so have athle- in is Osama been presented internationally presentation in D'Amico as well as in Panama. And was well received, so he went into meek be better award from the ICU and Samsung I last accessible America's which is in twenty. And then recently a up to buy went to Panama to present lack, Nick Lack, Nov conference and the people very very impressed by. We'll be project. In region, and of course, limited funding, right? My next focus at this point in time is athlete going to do by Twenty Twenty Expo lives. And we actually submitted an application today on past flus leg of it, which is e pre-qualification screening looking to see what met criteria? Down I recently completed be second-stage, which is Submit you find application, so I'm hoping that once they received that second application. You would refu- it and it'll be get accepted today. I keep in Dubai next year. Maybe go gusts to November month Esi. Wendy do by twenty twenty expose running and bulow going to.

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