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If your answer is well takes away from the from the horsemen it takes away from the horses the horses and they'll those people ruined their own project all on their own the legislature actually didn't do that the cost of racing horses got to the point where they needed something else to pay for it because the racist weren't i want to legally gamble period and the supreme court just said states should be allowed to decide for themselves if they want to partake in sports gambling my question to you on this fifty thousand watt home for college football should sports gambling be allowed in idaho to await three three six thirty seven hundred pound six seventy and you've rising wireless phone let's go to travis drivers where are you calling from while i live in hurricane utah native of boise all right oh hey welcome back we missed you thank you guys program all the time like drive on the road but the reason i'm gone i i don't have a concrete explanation of why am i am for professional gambling on sports on for best game for some reason i'm all hardly against amateur gambling or betting against amateur i like i said i don't have a concrete no i actually understand why you have that and and you're you're a good man i mean your your your logic flawed but you're you're a good man i get why you want to gamble on somebody who's getting paid millions of dollars not somebody who's basically paying for their tuition and room and board you know i have it.

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