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For week days with John Howell afternoons from four until 7 On the big 89 WLS the big 89 WLS Got a better idea call 8 four four four the USA now 844-484-3872 the Dan bongino show All right I want to get back to this inflation thing and why it matters with the housing have not but just a quick note So Jim and I chat a lot during the break and Mike and I we kind of like beat each other up you know it's kind of funny So I had to go get some paperwork for a so I have to give some testimony later in something So I had to go get some paperwork to make sure I had it And I'm like listen don't worry If I don't get back in time you and Mike can cover the show Which have kept kidding of course but they're good They'd be funny And Jim was like oh I can just talk about the mets And you know how disappointing it is to me In the 1980s and early 90s There is almost nothing I can't tell you about baseball I said to Jim quiz Right away 1983 rookie of the year Ron kittle Daryl strawberry I do everything I love baseball Now I know nothing Nothing The whole social justice woke thing started kicking into sports And it's just hard for me to watch anymore That's why I watch college sports It's just hard and it's so destructive I'm so pissed that you stole this for me and my family I used to grow up with my mother and my father my father would take me to the old Yankee Stadium I mean I just loved it I'm sorry I know it's off topic but I feel like you stole it from me And it's sad Jim's telling me about the Grom You want to hear embarrassing This is I'm telling you call me about regular normal baseball trivia Don't go who led the royals and who was the number two in hit by pitches for the U.S. be a common sense question I can tell you the Cardinals starting picture Remember it was a John Tudor Joaquin andujar I remember that Remember that team they were pretty good And now I know nothing And I feel like it was stolen from me because these sports guys had to get all woke in political Kicks me off All right sorry Just annoyed because Jim still loves baseball And I understand baseball actually was like the least woke of the sports but they got into it too They got into it too don't deny it Jim They got into the whole BLM thing They financed some of the by and large mansions They got into that too Yeah they are They are I mean they do I get it So the lies on inflation The first let's play the other one again Kick back to number one I know we played it before They are lying Why are they lying Because inflation is a devastating issue that has the potential to upend American politics like you haven't seen You doubt me let's go back to the videotape Remember Warner wolf let's go to the videotape We love the Warner wolf right 19 early 1980s If I were to tell you that 1980 and 1984 Ronald Reagan a Republican one state's no Republican today would come within ten or 15 points of winning You'd probably say no not really Yo really 1984 Reagan won every single state with the exception of Minnesota where Walter Mondale his opponent was from And he only lost Minnesota I believe 3000 votes Can you imagine a 49 state electoral victory now A Republican winning Hawaii California New York New Jersey Come on never gonna happen Unless this inflation continues to get worse Folks inflation in the early 80s was a disaster wreaking havoc on everything To the point it got so bad employees were building into their collective bargaining Cola's cost of living adjustments which were causing another inflation spiral As inflation went up salaries went up which made expenses for companies for HR more which caused them to charge more You see the devastating cycle Prices go up Prices go up it triggers colas employees have to get paid more Employees have to get paid more The company's costs go up because they have to pay the employees more which means they have to raise more prices This one on and on and on until the Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker came in and said I've had enough of this he was an intimidating guy Cigar smoker whatever it is we're going to shut this down and he did Interest rates super high to make the cost of money high which dried up the money supply Dried up the money supply made money more expensive to get And put a lid finally on this inflation Which made Reagan and Volcker superstars in reelection They won 49 states Tell me again how inflation isn't that important Now do you see why peppermint and Joe Biden are lying about it and lying through their teeth It is their policies They want to spend more money on this bill backwards plan The printing of money because we don't have it the finances ever expansive governments what's causing the inflation Joe Biden is giving you the double barreled middle finger And for those watching on Fox nation at home it's.

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