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Kid toy well a thoughtful gesture from some relative is gonna drive you crazy and probably needs to be spirited away like a ghost of Christmas past and for your winter get away if you're heading to the slopes the national ski areas association says there were four hundred and seventy six places to ski this year and more than fifty nine million people got in some snow sport action up from fifty three million the season before stay safe out there this winter you're listening to marketplace marketplace is supported by T. Rowe price offering a strategic investing approach that examines investment opportunities first hand institutions advisors employers and individuals choose T. Rowe price T. Rowe price invest with confidence and by they can deter fund working to advance individual dignity and sustainable communities through investments and transformative leaders and ideas learn more eight K. E. N. D. E. D. a fund dot org support for KQED comes in Berkeley grab sensing pigpen theatre co is the tale of Despereaux a new musical the courageous Despero shows are forlorn kingdom that even the smallest voice can change the world now playing Berkeley rap dot org and geico protecting people in their vehicles for over seventy five years geico is proud to offer emergency roadside service to bay area drivers learn more at geico dot com or one eight hundred nine four seven audio rain coming down in the South Bay and then you quite cold tonight he's a frost after midnight dropping down to the upper thirties to low forties Thursday Friday Saturday all expected to be sunny in the bay area with some areas of frost in the morning tomorrow temperatures will be in the fifties for highs daytime highs and then our next chance of rain will come Sunday it's KQED public radio this is market place I'm Kimberly Adams for many years the country of Zimbabwe was defined by two things the struggle for independence and Robert Mugabe who led the country from nineteen eighty until he was forced out in twenty seventeen Mugabe is now gone but the country is struggling to emerge from his shadow for many.

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