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Traffic and weather we have to talk a bit about and danielle when you're going back and forth with our our producer our guest producer this weekend rachel nevada you know she's the worker who yeah i do now now that for years yes started with mitch back and what 1890s sacks yeah so and then you went over to frank oh crank back marietta midnight me and then and then over to my show so you've that might very well thanks a you to that all the hiding i that you worked with any way and then ran out of host to work with and and went on went on to do something interesting weight so our meta sometimes when you're in the when you pull in the garage of the fisher building arrive and you enter those sliding doors right to get into the fischer building if i put you in the right place you know where you are you parked in the may and you and you walk through the sliding doors you ever see in front of you some lockers yes i have those in my apartment building as well really wow that's really need because i want to spend the person that at that up for you live well you don't want to get that out on the air salvador phone number two yeah and i'll give you my address i shall leave the door opened in case she's not clear for people ghani their everywhere but so and and danielle you seen those lockers downstairs so the idea is what the people who are busy who are working at places like the fischer building or how many other of buildings are you in the great that one hundred fifty properties now concept behind this is it eliminates the trip to the dry cleaner the way we like to describe as wet netflixing did the blockbuster there's no point in even got in a blockbuster anymore no so the way this works is you and it's a huntington cleaners concept gray you download the app or ukraine and account online yeah.

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