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The president of the Petroleum Association of Wyoming, Pete over, Mueller is among them. Janey is the third ranking member of the House Republicans, which he says is critical as the Biden administration is unleashing policies harmful to the states, oil and gas industry members from Florida members of Ohio members from New York You do not care about Wyoming. They did not care about our industry here about the issues that we face on the day to day basis. I was caution that we remember that we have three people in Washington fighting for us, and we need them to be firing and also wonders. Despite all the rhetoric, University of Wyoming political scientist Jim King says it's unlikely that pushback will lead to a primary defeat for Chaney. As long as she continues to attend events and stays in contact with the state. She's got a wide network of supporters across the state, and she'll have the financial resource is that she needs and I'll add one more thing. She's got 18 months to show that she is still connect with Wyoming. It is rare that a single vote is detrimental to the career of a member of Congress. But there are many who want to prove that statement wrong. For NPR news. I'm Bob back in Laramie. Policy of separating migrant families at the border officially ended more than two years ago, but hundreds of families have yet to be reunited. What the new administration plans to do about that tomorrow on morning edition. You're listening to all things considered from.

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