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Welcome into late sedition of ESPN, f c, I'm Dan, Thomas, I shock. Here's love and Ali Moreno plenty to get through today. And then later on in the show, Mark Alton where we had to give all the latest from inside the man's genetic, which apparently is almost that breaking point that defeat against Brighton said, low joins us to reflect on the opening weekend in a league. We start though at sellers Parker still pilots taking on Liverpool liberal, looking to make it to wins to the opening day victory against West Ham, and they did it sell pop. They did it in somewhat on virtual circumstances on the stroke off time. How many Salah brought down in the box. James Milner, then converting the penalty, Polly's light Jong been reduced to ten men and then Noni would make it soon ill in the dying embers of the match to guarantee Liverpool, all three points. Looking back from holiday alley. Holiday livable to is how finished another impressive win for Liverpool. In a sense, you could argue, these are the sole gains would draw last season, but let's focus on that penalty, coal alley. Anything. I see why it's given right, but the truth of the matter is and let me let me take you into the mind of somebody who draws penalties right. If you feel contact right, and it may be a self one, but it's impeding you, you go down right away the moment you take the extra step. It's a giveaway. That contact was not strong enough to take you down. So go down wants to take the stress that he knows he can get away with it. He knows he, he's he's to the point where he's going to lose the boy and says, you know what? Maybe I go down and now I draw the foul shock value smiling. Well, Ali described himself. They owe the mindset who knows better than someone who draws parents as he put it having seen the replace. Do you wanna change your mind cause I still think it's a, it's a self Parenti, but it's a penalty, but you do you do see the extra step by Sala. I yes, I do. I think he's not once but twice and then goes down. Once that after he gets cool, I I, you know, I look, I would have done exactly the same thing I know dive when I see one is usually has to be a better sock. Is red college agree with that? Yes, that's my problem. I don't have an issue with that whatsoever. He wasn't catching, takes them down into. I mean, it's a red card. No question about, meanwhile, for Liverpool, you take a look at the money they spent in the summer. Obviously expectations were high fans, hoping they could push to city good song, three against West Ham to against policy, not conceding. Any goals? Yeah. I thought without question this game was was a student attest west on that. Just blew them, blew them multi water. It was quite simple. This was always going to be a more difficult test from whom as well. And the came through didn't have it all their own way, but give them what we expect of both these clubs. I thought it was hard fought well-deserved stepping director for naval boo. It's the first thing that you said there. The fact that this is the sort of game that last season would get away from them either they knew sit or they draw or they find a way to draw points early on in the season. I think it's important for your club and Liverpool to find ways to get three points out of this matches. And then you build the confidence to say, you know what we can manage up against the city because I think is a problem for Liverpool in terms of to know by the city would motivation and focus and energy. You'll see that from Liverpool against Manchester City, but you have to see that same thing against Crystal Palace. They did enough today. It's important three points and good sounds the season then for Liverpool. Just remind if you MRs show you can.

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