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Why not high jon gruden even at the cost two hundred million dollars i understand there's no issue where widow of a minority not getting that job the problem is when the rule is clearly in place the minority candidates have to be interview yes you have to interview them no you do not have an obligation to showcase them jarred wounded freaked paul of alliance was right when he said that last week reggie mckenzie didn't violate any rules but if you're john wall in almost thirty years of age as knowledgeable in this season does you are you're gonna know about crawling a walk in a thousand times better than me so if the man interviews to minority candidates what god's name makes you think minority candidates are benefited by be an interview but nobody no one about the damn interview what purpose does that serve i'm looking at my produces new noah jonathan a cat am i wrong what purpose does it serve if you have let everybody know who the damn candidate it how does that help the minority kennedy how did the now but if you're reggie mckenzie who than african american executive then a national football league you're a general manager for quite sakes how do you not know that we need to see that man whoever you interview walking out in front of the camera with the world no way you eta viewed him for the job how do you not know the benefit of that how do you not know.

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