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And then the other thing is the texans. I told you all the time. I used to be a season ticket holder. Let i'm watching this. You cannot have a successful team if your management is just not right and making crazy decisions and not football decisions. You can add missed. You can't have you can't ask your management your your equipment manager your players. Whoever it is to do what they're supposed to do their job and make good decisions businesswise for the team every day. And you're not doing the same thing. Don't work that way starts at the top and you you say about teams they want. Well you can go into the rooney's office and work out a issue because there's trust your track record can do the same here. I don't think so right. At least all i ask is that they both tried. You know try thanks biscuit. Great point man. He's right and real quickly about the dak prescott and good again for ut. J. watt agents players. I don't. I don't get why you think this agent deserves the you work for him. Agents are diamond dozen man. If you've got skill you can negotiate a contract. Entrust is exactly right by biscuit dak prescott and i will say this and quick answer from utah and before we go to break. When's the last time you saw dak prescott make a bad decision. I'm not talking about his life. I mean when you think about dak prescott does off the field other than doing the right thing. I'm not talking about the sean. I'm not and i'm not talking about like i said we. I've made plenty of mistakes. We all have. I'm just talking about when we talk about dak prescott things come to mind would biscuits at worker really good player good citizen. When's the last time you question dak prescott as a human being never have sports. Talk seven ninety. Come right back. Sean salisbury very show continues into no no. Now you talk seven ninety. aaron wilson. Eight o'clock let's take this thing out the next to you minutes tyler. What you got for me brother. So i guess the first place to go and this was covered very widely before the game last night The ravens have two more. Acl tear that brings their total to four for the season and apparently it was on back to back plays or plays that. Were right around the same time. And it's to marcus. Peters and they're starting running back gus edwards. Who i believe is now the third running back to go down with an acl. Is there something potentially going on at the ravens practice that we're just not knowing about. I think it's bad luck man. I've shredded mine twice. So i can kind of comment on this. Is it one of almost a hit in a game and the other one was in a game against arizona. State both stadium both same team two years apart both same side of the stadium going different ways on the field and the second one i put my foot in the grass and got caught and it shredded my knee. It's this is not like people well as a training staff not doing anything. How the training staff you strengthen your knee and you do you know your side effects and machine and all those things the arthur tron machine and all the new stuff they have. I think it's just unfortunate. Now if you're going to live on the running back and beaten up the running back physically and the practice field the week of a game then we got some issues with john. Harbaugh and the franchise doing it. I don't believe john's doing it. And i don't believe it could be anything guy slips and falls a cut wrong and it goes and sometimes you just can't prevent it. Somebody accidentally falls. Even when you're just playing third and staying off your feet and keep guys off the ground. I this just a case of. It's a coincidence and unfortunate but it does put the baltimore ravens in a bind. Because you've got a thousand yard rushing quarterback who is trying to elevate his play from the pocket and extending do both. You don't ever want to take you. Don't want to coach that ability to make huge plays out of lamar jackson. But now you start to look around and you say okay. Is he going to psychologically feel more pressure have to do more l. as if he doesn't do enough already and all that devaluing of running backs the we seem to do in the league. I got news for you. Baltimore ravens hand or hands. Zeke elliott that ball more than eleven times. I promise you that they would. So the question is for not only the run game but how much burden and are you. How are you going to defend now less to worry about in the run game with the interior. More focus on lamar jackson which puts more pressure on lamar jackson more pressure on the offensive coordinator and more psychological pressure and a psychological advantage to say right. Now if you stop to sean wa. I mean the shawn watson. Lamar jackson from running baltimore is going to have a hard time. Sustaining beating you from the pocket. Because they do not have a threat right now unless they make some something happen somebody rears their head and maybe they will. But i'm curious how lamar jackson's approach to his game. Will he become more impatient in the pocket because he doesn't have guys that he can turn hand to. 'cause dobbins was gonna be a monster and edwards. Pretty good too. What else again all right. So the trade for bradley roby to the saints from texas is now official So what we learned yesterday is that the texans are going to be taking roby salary and turning most of it into a seven point six million dollars signing bonus on top of that. The texans are receiving a third round. Pick this year and in twenty twenty three a conditional sixth round pick. Is this fair enough compensation. I think the texans went now third row now history maybe not. I would hope. I if you would've told me they were getting a third round. Pick for bradley roby knowing that. This team's not winning. If bradley roby's here they're not going to win. Five more games on defense. Because he's not with him here then if he leaves he's a good player. Bradley roby's nobody's franchise locked down defensive player. He's a really. He's a solid player. That's going to help them. And you know it you get depth and you get good player in the saints. Get it. I understand all that but a third round pick for bradley roby. At this time understanding. He'll be coming back with a rookie contract with a third round pick and a conditional sixth round draft pick. I if they make it work. I have sterile problem with this. Because you're trying to push out veterans. That are making good money. That aren't gonna actually enhance your team by three or four wins and you're starting to get younger starting to get a get yourself. Some money and assets that third round assets going to be an asset when you talk about trading and all that stuff. It's going to come into play at some point either trading it and or getting a player in place it in the third round pick. I have zero issue because bradley roby wasn't going to be the difference in whether the houston texans were the second best team defensively in the league or the twelfth. Best somewhere between good player. But when you're when you're far the farther away you are. From the line of scrimmage in my opinion especially when you're on an average defense the less impact you have so good player. I traded a third round. Pick for them and they get another one no problem you got one more quick one no. That's okay there you go. Aaron wilson will join us next dak prescott to show you how important it is for the shawn watson tom brady arena mike mccarthy quote as well about dak prescott and we're going to run through and find out just you want to know how good he is. I'm about to tell you how good he is. In my opinion sports talk seven. Ninety.

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