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One I didn't think I didn't quite expect him to pull up that performance to be honest. No, I thought you could win. I didn't think he was going to do that at all. It was absolutely stunning. And look, that was a career best effort last time in France, obviously, is alluded to the former has been well frankly high school princess going on to win the non Thorpe since. She's coming to the car up. She'll go for the flying 5. She'll take an awful lot of beating there. And it's British champion sprint for Menzel next. Mmm um. And how did that make high flow princess look now? Because their form has been, as you mentioned, it just makes her look absolutely incredible. She's a wonder mayor, isn't she? And one of the best sprinters in Europe, and she shouldn't even really be sprinting due to her pedigree, but she's so versatile, able to win over all sorts of distances. And yeah, means looking like he's on track for the champion's day sprint next time out. He's pretty versatile ground wise, isn't he? But it could get quite testing on champions day. So I wonder how he will fare. I don't think it shouldn't trouble him too much. I think he's one of those shorter conditions in the past, but you never quite know what grant you're going to get on champions day. So yeah, I can't wait to see him out again next. How many total runners has own boroughs had this season? And not many, but I know with the handful of runners that he has had, he has an incredibly good story right. He has a total of 20 runners. 50 if you added all of them up together, but 20 horses have run from the season. His team was decimated. At the start of the season, given the I need to be careful with my wording here now, given what's happened in the past. The restructuring at shadow. Yeah, let's go with that one, shall we? Hook them wins the coronation cup then gets injured on the back of that, which was brutal in itself. But he's managed to bang in plenty of winners. He's got 877,000 in prize money. That's in UK alone. And now got another group on Whitman's house. He's a terrifically talented trainer, and the fact that he's been doing this, and now that he can actually bring in outside owners, surely more people are going to want to be part of the onboard story. You think so I want you well, I would certainly be drawn in. That's just for certain because yeah, I think he's operated at 30% strike rate this season because the handful of runners, he doesn't have many runners, but what he does with his runners is incredible. I think you mentioned there and met two group ones this season. I think for any yard to have that is incredible, but because he hasn't had such a high number of runners that other big yards had had, it's probably even more credit to Owen burrows. And I always think as well when he started the two year old runner, you must always take note because he very, rarely has his two year old sort of that forward as are the big yards might and that's testament to his training abilities, I think. Yeah, that's a good shirt. I like tajik. Is that how you pronounce it? The Churchill, you want any second start. He was a 40 K purchase then was flipped for a 160 grand. I like him a lot. I think he's always to keep a very close eye on it. So yeah, look, it was a really exciting performance. I'm intrigued to see what he does at ascus and you wouldn't want the ground being woeful and ask it can be. I mean, that's one of the things about paid. Do you really want to sit back? And wait, that's what that's what Lizzie Kelly said, the day the day of the Yorkshire oaks, which is the day after the gentleman's international. When I was hosting racing live on talks for two that day, I was doing all of your work. And we were debating about the arc, because I got mugged right off. I asked, thinking I was being clever. Asked William haggis live on the show. Will you go for the arc? And this is before by eat and run, and he said, no, no, no, no, no. It's champions day. If he's beaten here, we'll go QE two. Imagine if he's going to do. If he's beaten here, he even had he even had the presence of mind. He's so humble to say, we've been the king of the mining division, but I think in spiral is going to have something to say about that. What? Amazing. Just amazing. And very humble, very humble. Incredibly humble man. So we'll go QE two over beaten here and it'll be the champion stakes if we win. So that was it. I then proudly tweeted out of the arc is not going to be gone for that. Straight away, it's the arc. And while that's not a done deal, it just makes sense for you to go there. Particularly given the fact that ask its ground, first of all, as Lizzie was saying, you need to keep him ticking over without racing him. If you're not going to go for the RS champion stakes, and if you're then deciding to bypass the arc, which doesn't look very strong, you have to keep him going. And then hope that the ground doesn't turn into a bug, which for all that I love ask it. It's not their fault that that race falls at that time of year. Background has been atrocious over the years. I mean, they've had to run it on the jumps track. That's running on the hurdles course one year.

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