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Who Was it Tina? But I don't think it was because I think she didn't like outright. They win any of those until the very last one when actually mattered. Who would have been out? Who went out? Who went out John? Coach John Cody is not correct. Rob You can still appoint okay. This is so much fun and we don't hear the multiple choices I believe it was Vitas is correct. You remember who he gave the note to I was. I was eliminated that point. This is not for an extra point but you could. If you could figure this out. Did he give it to Katie eighty you did give it. Acadian is actually the first time in a while that the person who received a note actually kept it in do not throw it in the fire because she was at the bottom at that point so rob you have a swindler. As long as she did not find the idol and Sara Houston actually tricked her into telling her that she didn't have a great seen us. Oh Rob you get the last question. This is losers. We're going to survivor Samoa. The day of reckoning November nineteenth two thousand nine ten years ago Tuesday. We all remember at the Samoa. Final Ten shambo sided with the evening. The numbers to five to five in that ostrich on venture flipped against Laura on the revote in order to avoid Iraq draw he was also docked on Pi also and was. He was stoked on pecan Pie who flipped his. Vote from you're never gonNA remember what I said. Here flipped his vote from in other words. WHO DID HE GLUE ALLIANCE MINUS Shambo? Vote for we need to read that again. Yeah yeah this version who did at the final final ten John Ventures opposed as okay so the final it'll ten shambo sided with the pope was. It was a five five vote. John fincher flipped against Laura on the revolt in order to avoid ARACA. Who did he flipped his vote from in other words? Who did he glue alliance alliance minus Shambo? Vote for Okay I will say that I like this then. We don't get the multiple choice and I'll give Haley the chance to get it if I get a wrong. So I'll say for Russell was incorrect. I think they voted for. Mac is also incorrect. MIC was. It was Natalie They tried to vote for for Natalie. Natalie yeah so she would have actually been been safe if they hang onto their so rob. You're going to go into the final round with a one zero lead and and I can't believe he didn't touch on this during these social media segment but a former former twist contest in Zeke Smith started a great hashtags week. Remember when Josh Wigley and this game is called Hashtag ask tag remember when joss witter. So I'm going to ask you a question about Josh takes from this week in survivor history. It's GonNa there's GonNa be a multiple choice of two so there's going to be a and B and you have to give me the right answer so you are trailing the way that this works. If if we're still tied up tied after four responses we're going to go to a tiebreaker. If you get when wrong you can't in any more points on this question Haley. If you're wrong on this question you automatically lose the game couple. Thanks Haley do you think. Will this be the reason. The Jordan gets dragged for this question for forcing me to lose with hysterical this game. Why is this not what's wrong with this game I don't know could be arbitrary? I think people like it. Also Russell Hands that. He responded to the goat conversation that Ron Clark started. He said why would they do that when they think they should be able to. BEAT THEM DOT DOT DOT Russell. Who famously lost OSU Sandra? Who he said was not sure why? He wouldn't be more in agreement with Ron Clark. Also Russell's pin tweet is. I think I'd be good at finding infinity stones. If I think it's your rob I think would be finding infinity stones. I think that he's found all those idols. I think I think you're right. It would be good. I think Thai would be good. Yeah L. E. Mail you mean on the goat stuff now. What's your pin tweet? It's it's just my link to the Patriots video that I posted. I was very excited about it when I when I posted it. It talks about how that I made a lot of podcast. Yes in two thousand sixteen and while it's a link to the video which I'm still proud of the pin tweeden's terribly dated. It's just has a ton of likes in re tweets and I wish I could edit it so why can't you just say tweet the video again. I make that your pin tweet. Yeah I got so much such a great response to that specific tweet endured end. Do you just change every week. I whenever whenever we released a podcast they make that link to that the Stang. Yeah it is a good idea. Now it's thinking Danza next week. It's going to be sure to go. I can't wait to re tweet that. Yeah I feel like you guys are stalling here. Hoping who's a quiz all right. Let's go let's go into this cell. You need to get this question first of all you need to pick a number between one through four to decide the order three okay. Okay during David Versus Goliath. which two things did Josh tweet are? Extremely Shit Hey. Angeline is negotiations with probst and her constantly bringing up the rice be the survivor editors visually dividing the island into Christian sectors and Mike White saying cats. Hey is incorrect. The answer is just shit survivors visually dividing Ireland into Chris Sectors and Mike White saying cats so unfortunately halley you finish with a score of zero. The final scores one zero. Let's see if rob would have gotten his question now. Is this just based off the Jesuit twitter. This is well. There's Josh Williams twitter and there's one question from from podcast. I had a little more respect when I thought that you'd gone back. And listen to a bunch of PODCASTS. From this I mean we already ready. Did that with with this week and Robin icky and that was a lot of work. Yeah that was that might have been the closest. You came to getting dragged by twitter. Maybe you know what I've heartache. I've I listened to that podcast. I've been very behind you standby on. Rene I stand by it. I think it was a great podcast. It was I mean. Do I think it's the greatest of of all time. No I think maybe the royal rumble is is my favorite ran out. But I think it's above average episode. Because I made the questions that he was this way this week in Robin Akiva was that an above average that on the scale of negativity dope to dope. How dope was this week and Robin Akiva? The featuring Jordan Kayla's I haven't made it to that one yet I was so upset with my placement in the royal rumble. I need to take a break. Okay all right so rob would you. You have gotten this question right according to actually let me do this. I'm not going to do the next one. I want some better on the wiggle room. To What Tribal Council survivor history did Wigley compared John Hennigan boot was Eh Philip Shepherd and Karen Moen or be savage in Cambodia I'll say it was the savage in Cambodia that is correct. He said that John Hannity knows John. Lynch pin of that alliance just like savage was the linchpin of the by John Strong Alliance and when he went out. It's sort of allowed that to the fall. Apart I think Phillip Sheppard probably thought he was the most important member of his alliance and that he was keeping thinks together but it was really only. Eric flipped on that vote. Once the three Amigos pulled off the pulled out that move so I think it was a good point and Hashtag I. I remember anymore anymore. Josh questions a couple more your real quick okay. According to Josh. Tadashi twitter what happened in survivor. San Juan del Sur. That made him stand up and shout. Oh Shit for the first time. This season a Jeremy's blindside be stick to the plan incident I'd say stick to the plan do agree or or disagree with ROB. I was going to say that it was actually Jeremy's blinds and the last one that I have during survivor. Philippines Jesuit tweeted. If you're a Hashtag survivor fan and then you need to listen to you. Need to listen to Rochester. Knows interview with Blink was Blink Boston rob or Jeff probst. I think it was Boston. Rob Do you agree or disagree. I would've said Jeff Ropes. It was Jeff probst question and yes you could've rabbi. You did do both of those interviews during Philippines Rob. I believe was in was in October though. Okay there you go all right there this week. This is what the future this week in this week in this weekend. Rob His podcast. Okay all right. Do you have any other questions for Haley. Strong Jordan Haley. Since this is the first time I know it's a travesty. But this is the first time that you've been on twitch who was the first survivor you followed on twitter. Who is the first I survivor player followed on twitter? What a great question? Oh my gosh I have no idea. I remember the first survivor player that that follow me on twitter twitter now it was like it's three three-month like right when I started watching survivor and I will tweet about it and then he found me somehow and followed me. I don't know what followed him back. Wow which on twitter I wanNA find Bush. Okay but who. Who's the first survivor? That that you fall onto I gosh hint that I think we'll give it away. Oh you know the answer. He goes out of the bushes on twitter. Follow Him which is Sir Tweet is October twenty fifth twenty thirteen? Hello I have forgotten the etiquette. tweeting how do I re tweet. At Amanda Cannon Girl at Andrea L. McDowell. One person re tweeted that okay. Okay so this isn't necessarily the first one. I followed on twitter. This is just who like I said I have currently me following. This is yeah. I guess if you had I guess if you follow the survivor contestant and you can follow them they wouldn't be on this list correct And then is it rob. It is rob okay season. Everyone refers to with survivor Amazon. Bush season who was the first survivor. You follow twitter that that was not a WHO that is not currently on this podcast. My Gosh who would it if it is a twist alumnus when Who could it have been? ooh Gosh I am during blink. Maybe like Kim Spradlin. W4 Patankar on twitter. What do you think this is Andrew Wilkie? Oh okay all right okay Jordan. Anything else for Haley. I think we're all we're all alright. Haley what a pleasure was to get the catch up with you. Are you hoping that Jordan Kayla will call you again and get you back on twitch and and and so so that you can answer a question correctly in your next time on twitch first of all how dare you. Yeah that I'll just become coming third co host here. Yeah I can tell you have so much fun and I failed miserably. Obviously but I feel one okay. Who wants nothing win? We'll greet time being risky. And but not using the multiple choice. But I really don't think multiple choice that have helped me at all. Yeah okay all right. Here's another another Bush. Lockley tweet but I never burn that down L. O. L.. RT AT JEFF probst Hashtag survivor the fire at tribal Israel. It's very hot on tribal council because of a fire. It is harder awful. It is hot. Okay Haley Duva wedding date. Say Do October third of next year. Okay okay all right. It's all it's all happening. It's it's crazy I can't plea convince somebody to marry me and also good job on scheduling pulling your wedding for the bachelor slow season. He I was thinking ahead. That wasn't that wasn't very smart. I I needed to have it and not the busy season you know. Of course you can follow the great age strong underscore on social media also on Instagram at H.. Underscore don't forget that underscore. Yeah sorry I want to follow me on the joke to us. If you want to follow me you could follow me at Bush. Luckily Luckily on twitter another book at Jena Maresca. And at Ethan's on so you guys. I'm celebrity apprentice. How is the pizza? Okay there you go which is watching closely. This is from March eleventh. Two thousand eleven. Okay all right though. We don't need the historical deep dive to butch lock lease twitter her although maybe if you want to come up with a good. I'm going to tell my kids for them. Bring Back Hashtag remember when when Bush likely all right and they're having faded shelter all right Jordan kayless. He's on he's on a roll here at Jordan keilor's never been dreading toilets just like get just like how like Halley. Thanks giving all right there you go all right Hailey. Thank you so much looking forward to catching up. Of course we just speaking of Rene up that we talked about how the Jordan Kayla had one of the most negatively dope episodes in the history of the podcast when he talked about the golden girls season season. Three episode seven Haley. Are you a golden girls watcher. I had seen a few episodes but I am not a continuous watcher. Show Chow season. Three episode episode of for an APP was like one of the dope which I believe it was Yeah it's certainly was where we talked about the A.. chiller liked about it was it was dope or decently doped depending on how the scale better that was better than this week in Robina. I look at this objectively guy. Of course thank you guys so much for listening and we're back with news AF and hopefully from what I understand. The return of Stephen Fishbach to survivor know it alls this week. But I will confirm that with with Stephen Heading into Wednesday night. Thank you so much for listening to the good one by.

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