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Beaver and Hailey Baldwin the more they already merry but they did the official ceremony hundred and fifty four people how do you feel about that what he says in South Carolina. it's large for me but I feel like you're a beeper and a Baldwin that's a pretty tight like that is tie I had two hundred mine nobody one of Justin's exes was there which one her name escapes me at the moment and the one on the over the headlines with. it was it was like one of his first acts as Caitlyn. okay vehicles are Gee I don't I don't mind it I really don't mind if you're at a good place and you know and she might be with somebody now too so maybe even better and when they did it in South Carolina people flew in to a Savannah yeah then they drove across the bridge to South Carolina to go to the wedding and they both looked great in the photos I song will boat I looked at Justin Bieber's wedding outfit and I was down like a boss I can a big fight Diddy tag any tags trousers or choose. sure what did you do you have them and say Hey can you please tag your outfit. about idea do you think I should see other people think it's a letter yes. you guys pans. it's going to be the only sign in what is the end star well I know the sure he's wearing his look on the cost. right Sir congrats on. the big the big day again. that's in the back of big I thought I could bid big big day did. love the wedding outfit what nonsense a cheesy I can't say that. hoser love the and that you're being honest but I think it'll cost your wedding attire who made the trousers yeah and I think as a rehearsal dinners or your was it yeah yeah short dress. does it ever made the navy trousers navy trousers at so cheesy I can't take Justin Bieber trousers malice is. hands. we think you'll know Pantar only houses sure it's only eighty nine dollars at macys. I was probably on sale this weekend the Lacoste classic a polo shirt white. all right and pants who made the navy pants and I we don't know their ago chairs what has what has with the call sign off cheers bye now like send this champion emoji. drink I think a quit everything yeah I don't know yet I thank you to the stories are now he's become. right. a pop bottle of champagne it's like congrats upset. fine fine anyway I thought they looked great congratulations to them I love to see young love working and there were a lot of naysayers and he's been a year but there's been a lot of naysayers but it's really. all right coming next I have the morning act these are the three foods that have found the shouldn't put your fridge and I do all of them in my fridge I'll tell you next..

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