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Jimmy Johnson. I'm surprised. Ten. I'm surprised it took that long for you to mention this. Well, I figured I'd bring it up here. So how cool is that? Now, did the rest of the cars rack because I didn't see the no. So there was there was a pretty good little melee with a rookie that kind of went up into Castroneves and a few others piled into that and Kirk would the other rookie was running really well and he crashed as well, but for the most part it was a pretty clean race. They started working in that high groove, which was nice Jimmy made a crazy high move on dicks and to take that spot late in the race. I mean, it was intense. But yeah, Jimmy Johnson's 6th place finish at Texas first oval car race in IndyCar and he's looking pretty good. What do you think, Carrie? Indy 500 is Jimmy Johnson, call your shot, is Jimmy Johnson going to win the Indy 500 this year. That was my first thought. I'm like, okay, if he's that good on ovals, then there's a big oval coming up. And that was the thing. It was like, does this translate? This is NASCAR oval, prowess, translate to IndyCar and it was like, I don't know if it does, but now you start looking at how things went at Texas and you're like, okay, well, he was pretty good at Texas and cup. And now he finished the 6th is very first doable in Andy at Texas. It was pretty good at Indianapolis and cup. Will we see him? How crazy would that be? That would put him on a whole other planet. People talk about him being inferior to petty and Earnhardt just because he had those last couple of years that were rough. If he goes out wins the Indy 500, he's in a whole other atmosphere at that point. Jimmy Johnson? And everyone else. That's just how it is at that point, if you win the Indy 500. I would say comparative Mario, but you don't have that same championship level then. Yeah, that's true. So obviously Mario had some Formula One success and a few other things, but it's like, man, it's really hard, but you put him in that conversation at that point. If he does something to that level where he wins an Indy 500. On top of 7 NASCAR Cup Series championships, that's, I mean, that's really hard to do. Yeah, it's a lot of pressure. A huge accomplishment. But I wouldn't put it past Jimmy. He's got iced running through his veins. At the end of the day, he still has to get it done though. So it's not like he's won the thing yet. It's not like it's guaranteed by any means he's not even locked into the field for it yet. But it's just exciting to see that maybe, you know, something could happen here, but at 46 years old, I think that would be impressive to win the Indy 546 after 7 cups of your sharing and stuff like that, but what an incredible start to his oval career in IndyCar. Yeah, that's a good way to start because he's not getting it done on the road courses. No, but you know this might give him a little bit of confidence now. You get a couple good runs in that style of car. Maybe you go, okay, I can do this. Screw that. I'm gonna start pushing a little further on these row courses. You never know. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Hey, scary moment for Haley deegan, by the way, this past weekend. Yeah, that was nuts, man. So she had the tire cut down in the race after contact from another truck, and they got the tire fixed, got a new tire on. I got back out there another tire cut down or actually some tire carcass from that first tire got on the road and caught fire. And so then her tire that was on the truck. Now caught fire, things got crazy. She got to pit road. She was trying to tell him, I need to get out. No, no, no, hang in there. We're going to try to save the truck, get back out there, and then the smoke and the fire extinguisher stuff ended up making her inhale all that and so it was intense. She said, quote, I started choking and I started not being able to get more air and quote, and I've actually seen some photos from people who were at the track near her at the time, and it does look like she was struggling. When the guy on that truck, so I'm glad they were able to get her out there. I'm glad she got to the infield care center. I'm glad she was okay. That's the scariest situation. Yeah, for sure, for sure. Let's get into this weekend. We've got some road course racing. Circuit of the Americas in Texas and first one of the season. Yeah, yeah, man, this is gonna be fun. I'm pretty pumped. I like coda. I think it's a breathtaking facility. It looks amazing. And I think at the end of the day, it actually puts on a pretty good show. At least we saw in the last car, so we'll see how it does with the next gen. That's true. It's all new actually again. This car is supposed to be designed for this. So this is what it's what they had in mind was road course racing when they made this car, so we'll have to see how it goes in the first test here. Right, right. Let's take a look at some of the entry list notables and right. The first one that jumps off the page, AJ Alma dinger, of course. Yeah, for sure. I mean, one the Indianapolis road course race last season, the Cup Series event, colleague racing's first Cup Series win, I think he's definitely got to be considered to be in the mix here. Any road course you go to age Alma dinger is a guy you got to think about for sure. And then these guys back. When was the last time Boris said raced? So Boris said, man, that is amazing that he's going to be going to be getting behind the wheel. Because for MBM, first off, they had a disappointing start to the season. They had two cars down at Daytona. They were hoping to at least get one if not both into the day 2500. They made some adjustments to their diffuser, and it did not pay off. So now they're coming back. This week, they're going to have Boris said in the 60s, 6 car with bumper dot com sponsorship. Boris actually ran an Xfinity series race last year for MBM. Left the race early due to mechanical failures and finished 31st, but as far as cop series, it's been since 2017 since we've seen Boris said. Now, I don't think the car will be a race winning contending car, obviously. But it's interesting to see what Boris said possibly do in a bottom of the pack next gen car. This is kind of the first real test we've had. Somebody who is really good at one discipline of racing, being in a lower tier next gen car. So we'll kind of see how even the playing field really is with this new next gen car. For sure. Then you got Andy lally and loras hezemans. Yeah, so Andy lally obviously we know him 2011 NASCAR Cup Series rookie of the year rode a three time Grand Am champion in sports cars and a guy you don't want to mess with either. He knows MMA. So you don't want to get in a fight with him afterwards either. So if he hits you on the track, just let it go. Don't worry about it. But then you've got Laura's husband's and I saw you were like, I don't know who this guy is. He's a course not. He'll be around the 27 car that Jacques Villeneuve had in the Daytona 500. The team hesberg powered by Rome brothers entry. He is a two time NASCAR well in Euro series champion and I'm excited to kind of see how he does in his Cup Series debut. He's been running some trucks and Xfinity to get approved for this race and now he is approved to make his Cup Series debut. And it'll be interesting to see how the Dutchman does. So it'll be interesting, all right? Cool. All right, so track stats for Circuit of the Americas they.

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