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I had made into a two hour special for the history channel. So i i had a new leslie's work and i read her book and I am not a captive audience. I am what people call a skeptic. I am not like someone who Never went to medium. Wasn't that interested but her book is really fascinating and it is A a look at the subject the notion of consciousness living outside the body the physical or life going on after physical body dies that you know she explores through scientists and researchers and doctors in the fields of various fields who had studied this and our continuing study at her. Take on it. I thought it was really interesting. And i than developed it and brought it to net flex and net. Netflix was very interested in. Wow that's interesting. yeah. I think your point about the grounding it in science was really important i think especially to win over people like you who are skeptics. Because you know. Look and i think anecdotally. There's so many powerful stories that you cover that. I think could make somebody a believer but when you do ground it in data and science i do think it gives it a way that feels different than just like some tinfoil hat thing which is what a lot of skeptics. Think that's okay well. It's nice that you believe it. Yeah and i. And i think for me. The interesting part of it is asking the questions being open to it. so when i say wasn't quote unquote a believer. It's more than i. I hadn't really thought about much. But when i started to research a through lesley's bug and then started to speak to for example the division perceptual studies at uva in their medical school. They have this of doctors who've been studying this idea this notion or phenomenon of consciousness outside the brain and they've been studying whether it's through near death experiences or the work on mediums reincarnation they're open to it and looking at it and in a scientific way and i thought that was really interesting and it raises questions that i think are worth asking and what are some of those questions..

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