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Oh, six nine and AM seven forty KCBS Saturday, February second twenty nineteen coming up on KCBS gentlemen in San Francisco with what? Uber's latest real estate move could mean for companies looking to grow here in Virginia. Governor Ralph northbound and apologizes for past behavior, but says he won't resign over racist photo in his medical school yearbook. Thirty-one CBS news update, Democrats and Republicans the issue of white supremacy protester in Richmond Virginia who wants Ralph Northam to be an ex governor. It's still not clear if he can keep his job north and says, he'll try. He's rejecting calls to resign. Because of a racist photo in his nineteen Eighty-four medical school yearbook. Now says he's not in that photo despite apologizing for it last night, this has been hurtful, and that's why I reached out last night, and and called people on apologize. But. I will continue to work as hard as I can to to maintain their faith in me to maintain my ability to lead, and we'll all hopefully work together and move forward. Justin, Fairfax's Virginia's Lieutenant governor. He's not directly telling north to resign. I think that will. Hopefully. Northern says yesterday was the first time he'd even seen the photo because he says he didn't by yearbook, and he doesn't know how I got in there. CBS news update. I'm Sam Litzinger to thirty two on KCBS as our Saturday afternoon. Newswatch continues. Thanks for joining us today. I'm Scott Latini. Well, there are growing indications that President Trump may declare a national emergency at his state of the union address Tuesday evening. So he can move ahead with his plans to build the wall on the southern border. KCBS Kim foster spoke with a bay area immigration professor and says a comprehensive plan is needed at the port of but not just a wall university of San Francisco immigration law. Professor Bill says President Trump may indeed call a national emergency. If he feels congress will not allocate any funds to a wall along the border with Mexico. The Democrats are offering billions of dollars for for more militarization of the border in terms of of of high tech drones that. Kind of thing. It's it's the sense that or the wall rather that heat watch that that's why he wants to declare the state of emergency just to move around money that he's already hang says the timing of a wall comes at a time when it is not really needed. Only six terrorists were apprehended last year. And those were at the port of entry. There were more suspected terrorists to try to come across the Canadian border ten times more than across the southern border. President Trump says he has little confidence in the bipartisan committee working to reach a long term agreement on border security, and feels the Democrats are not being honest in their negotiations. Kim foster KCBS well with the signing of a new lease just off market street in San Francisco. Uber becomes the number two tech tenants in the city KCBS gentlemen reports on the push to secure limited office space. The commercial real estate firm Cushman and Wakefield research director, Robert salmon's has seen the availability of large office spaces in San fr. Francisco shrink to just half a dozen we ever to pass two or three years. It's really been about big tax, quote, unquote, big tech. And that's the Google's in the Facebooks of the world. Certainly a number of other friends homegrown firms like Salesforce to which is now the largest aerospace space in San Francisco. He puts Uber at number two and says it will likely remain in the top five even after its mission. Bay offices are built and it no longer needs as much space along market street salmon says with little other new construction in the San Francisco pipeline companies looking to grow are looking to Oakland and downtown San Jose, especially anything along a transit line, gentlemen. KCBS thirty-five on KCBS harvest the vortex. This is Dave Ross on the CBS News Radio network. The polar vortex is back, and it's angrier than ever states.

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