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If they wanted to split. So that Kirk got the biggest cut going forward because he was is writing most of the day fine but their agreement up through never mind was split it all evenly. Yeah Lake retroactively is. You can't just go back and be like no now. I wrote all these songs so I should get all the credit for even though we had this agreement before. That just seems fucking greedy. Yeah definitely it already seems a little title like okay Incur actually had the nerve to call. KRISTEN DIV greedy. The ban became extremely close to breaking up over this. But everyone encouraged Kristen Dave back down and let Kurt have this. One in incur ended up with a seventy five percent cut of the royalties. Jesus all it did was served have to push the guys farther apart right still. They went overseas to make up cancelled. Tour dates it was miserable especially because Kurt was still on heroin and his stomach McCain was out of control. Oh you're saying the heroine didn't help his stomach yeah I think what he would say about that is he would shoot up. Heroin and the pain will go away but as soon as he was coming down off of it will come back because no shit. You're in a state of you. Know Euphoric Stupor for up to ten hours. Yeah so yeah. You're not gonNA feel fucking anything. Yup that's that's how drugs work. That's how that drug works. Hey opioids that's what they do oils boy. Oh Boy Oh boy uh-huh oh boy Ed's we really have a problem in this boy. Oh Ole boy oh boy yeah. It's a real problem. I mean it is it is yes anyway. Anyway he went to great lengths to get drugs on tour including getting them from an AIDS patient. That sketchy Dr hooked him up with. He's taking oh boy weeds from AIDS patients. Why do you addiction has fucking what addiction it does to you and I know we've talked about this? We're going to beat this fucking horse to death. But that's why it's just infuriating. That so many people around him just let it happen when they could have stopped it and then they leave that to stop it and should have at least made it very well known that. It's it's not okay for you to do yet at Joanna sounded like he did it. They knew he was doing it. But they said there's nothing I can do as opposed to yes try and not only was sir nothing I could do but I'm not very close to him so I'm not going to try. I get it. It is defeating to know that he's probably not gonNA listen to you. I'll try yeah and a lot of people in his circle. Just let it happen. And that's ridiculous. Would you are kidding. Oh boy it's from an AIDS patient. Yeah sketchy doctor and know your come on. That's really when they become. Oh boy. It's yeah it is so oh boy into Welker was supposedly clean during the tour in only taking leaky Methadone pills. As soon as he got back home he started right up with heroin again. He was spending four hundred dollars a day on drugs and what have spent more if he could take more than four hundred dollars a day out of the ATM. Yeah that's that's the problem. Yeah that's almost twice as much as it is now. I think the difference between scene one hundred dollars in nine hundred ninety one or nineteen. Ninety two Two now is like it would be one hundred and seventy dollars now. That's almost twice voices much. That's a lot. He had a moment of clarity realizing his baby was about to be born and he didn't want to be hooked on heroin when the big moment happens good so he checked himself into Rehab at Cedars Sinai Hospital on August Fourth Nineteen ninety-two. This wasn't the first time attempting Rehab and it wouldn't be his last last aside from getting off heroin. There was another plus to going to Rehab. He finally got his stomach issues. Looked at okay good. Doctors put him through a slew of of tests x-rays and Cat Scans according to Michael Azar. Add the author of the book that I was reading. The verdict was a pinched nerve in his back that led to his stomach causing undue amounts of pain and vomiting all right but he didn't do anything about it. Oh if he actually did get it. Diagnosed diagnosed as something didn't do anything about it so he just continued using heroin over the course of the next few years is the author just assume that this is the problem or is this what some doctors were saying was the problem. No this is what He. This is what Kurt told him. Oh yes because the author of the book Michael as read he was following Nirvana around. He spent a lot of time with her. And all of the quotes uses in the book are directly away from Kurt to him and it's a firsthand account holy Shit so Kurt knew what was wrong. Yeah chose not to do anything all you have to do. I mean all you have to do but get some surgery. Try something granted. They might not have had that much knowledge about it at that point but still like you would think there would be some kind kind of like physical therapy or something. There's definitely people getting back surgery back. Then yeah like they knew how to do back surgery by ninety two so yeah yeah it but now you know it's easier getting heroin heroin go. That's sad when your healthcare so bad. It's like it'd be easier though heroin. Yeah meanwhile shit was about to hit the fucking fan for Kurt. And Courtney. Oh Yeah it was. Fantasy Fair magazine released. Its September one thousand nine hundred to issue with a featured story on courtney the photos of a pregnant naked courtney in see through lingerie wasn't what made people clutch their pearls. What what did was cornelis admission that she was using heroin in her? First Trimester not something you tell. Vanity Fair Courtney. Yeah that's really really know you. We're really proud of the fact that you used and still manage to carry a baby full term a healthy baby which is great awesome but maybe not something to gloat about magazine and this is a weird. An unusual misstep for Corny. I think because usually she knows what she's doing doing when she puts herself in front of the camera in with a journalist and whatever's she for some reason thought this was going to be like a nice little story about her her and her music and stuff. It's like you had one EP. That was released a year before this came out you. Oh have nothing coming down the line. Nobody knows who your band is. The only reason Vanity Fair wants to talk to. You is because you're Kurt cobain's junkie wife who is pregnant with their babies pregnant with possibly there junkie baby right so what he knows that you're not using yes so of course they're not going to be fucking Nice Nice to you. They want the juice. Yeah they want all the detail they start all the rumors so they can sell magazines. They grabbed that citrus. A truce and justice for all. It's worth a we's that orange and they weren't there to like handle you gently. Yeah no no one cared. That she didn't know she. She was pregnant and stopped using immediately after she found out right. It caused an uproar. Anyway in children's services got involved they took the cobain's to court where where the use of Vanity Fair article and urine tests approve they. Kurt and Courtney were abusing drugs and she didn't have custody of their as yet unborn child. They also ordered. Kurt go to a detox program. Even though he was already in one oh so like he would have to finish out that program then immediately go to another detox program. Their defense he could benefit from two in a row. Yeah just to like reaffirm everything. He learned the first time. Yeah Guy on August eighteenth nineteen. Ninety-two Corny gave birth to Frances Bean Cobain at Cedar Sinai Hospital the same one. Where Kurt I was going through Rehab? No let's comedian. Yeah Courtney personally walked across the hospital to drag her husband into the delivery room screaming at him the entire time I'm encouraged promptly passed out Mrs Daughters Birth. Oh yeah apparently he was on sleeping pills. Oh Jeez like prescribed ones in them place or is he sneaking him. Oh I'm sure. They were prescribed contrary to popular belief. Aleve Francis was not named after Francis Farmer but rather after Francis McKee of the Scottish band the vast leans okay. They're really loved them. Vessel Leans they did head ever the trendsetters. They were one of the first celebrity couples to give their kid weird middle name getting the name. Bean from you guessed it a fucking bean we like beings. Yeah they're really. They're really into beans. They thought she looked like a kidney. Bean on her Sonogram I me me and so. They named her beans who they realize. All do is look like kidney beans because that's just what it looks like in there. Yeah I don't know they were on drugs. They were drugs. You're right. You're right two weeks. After Francis was born child. Services took her away from current Corny. They they were forced to surrender custody. Two Courtney Sister Jamie and we're not allowed to be alone with their own daughter. That's really harsh. That kinda sucks and I do feel for for Courtney at this point. Because she was going through postpartum depression they was literally two weeks after she gave birth and At that time they were both clean. You know that's that's a really big mess step in the system and I get why they did it. 'cause you're like oh I'm hearing all these things but it was all based on speculation and yeah and the Vanity Fair article if they drug tested. Like Kurtz already whatever in Rehab. But if they drug test the courtney courtney she should lean so. Why wouldn't you at least drug tested before you decide to take your kid away right? That's not fair at her. Like this is probably the one time we will side with courtney like this is. This is kind of bullshit. Yeah because they were clean and I feel like this was a real slap in the face to trying to stay clean yet. If you're not do they hold this. Yeah this really didn't help the struggle. If you're still getting your kid take annoy when you try to be clean. Why is there an incentive for you to not use again right? He you spent the better part of Nineteen ninety-two battling courts. Submitting regular urine tests and hemorrhaging money in an attempt to get custody Francis back eventually they did but the media Shit Shit Storm. It caused a huge black mark. On the couple. Now the entire world thought of Corneas Lowlife Junkies. The worst parents that ever lived and they didn't even really have a chance. Stephen Be Parents at this point and they didn't even have a chance to defend themselves. Yeah that's this is Kinda fucked up again. They're finally books clean and they just get shed on for. Yeah rumors of Nirvana breaking up. Also dogged the band Kurtz hospitalizations force them to release a statement saying no. He's not in the hospital for drugs. He's there because of health reasons. This led to people thinking he was on death store and the ban was breaking. Oh my gosh. Whatever the most dramatic story they can build as basically Siklie? Those rumors couldn't have been farther from the truth but the ban still had fun with them at the end of August. Ninety two the ban headline England's reading festival Kurt dressed in a hospital gown and doing his best to look frail and weak on my was rolled out onto the stage in a wheelchair. He Shakily he got up. Sang a bar. Two of the rose by Bette midler and then collapsed only immediately shot back up and launched into breed. The The joke was an outright jab at the English tabloids which surprise surprise..

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