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We had a whole bunch of needs that we wanted to fulfill with new would it goes coming up on a platform, and to these clients were just trying to ask for certain small Asians in Batticalo resource that they had been asking for previously. Interesting. Okay. So there's often a misnomer that graft wells only for reacted Java scrip- developers, but you're successfully using it in a ruby stack. How do you feel about graph Q L tooling that available for the ruby on rails community? So we found that the tooling for setting up graph. You'll and getting Woking API is really good. So there's a graph q plein. There's a whole bunch of libraries around that that make it very easy as deadlock to Woking environment and get it up running fuss. We also have created repository on a speed to talk a little bit about how you test cure API's or how you even write basic API's where we did struggle. Little bit was more domes of the real issues that you face when you do something like this introduction so shop if I'd have drafted bashing. That's where again once again, the community has, you know, been pretty ahead and has introduced these tools, which nationally indigo. Kate that there are people taking scaling issues, but for us as we started implementing some of these tools, we found that the documentation sometimes wasn't sufficient, and in some cases certain cases that way experiencing like rod common case that other companies would face. Well, very, oh, Apia and points doing pretty complicated. Query is not just a simple query. And we found that they won't enough people documenting their experiences on woke for these situations. So this was kind of interesting for us because this is very ended up exploring some of our two nations and coming up without one woke around. Interesting. So you noted in your talk that graph well, while it certainly trending upwards popularity might not always be the right solution key also bit more about that. All right. So I think plus you have to ask yourself as oppose. It was making the decision to use kilo not. If you're already feeling some of the points with rest, just like I mentioned we had a whole bunch and befell that graph q would speed up clients, and that was something that could even justify from business back point. So that is really the first question. Whether there's there's a need for this, right, and graph. You'll is by no means a bullet. It's really an alternative to rest. So if you're onto yes to that question. Then the next thing you want to know is that Dracula does have its own set of challenges. And for example, you will find that resin points response always follows fixed format. So we have performance optimization with arrests and points, very different way to give you an example in rails controller when you think about optimizing Apia, and pointedly think of your database query. And making sure that those queries are extremely optimized. And then you also think about your relies those you make sure that you're doing the right thing. And if you need caching, you have the right amount of cashing in place, but with draft Q out the response for matches completely with request and every request to the same end point has a very different expectation of the response. So we put a completely different hat for performance optimization. And while there are two like I mentioned shop if I'd have library. But you know, because there's a learning cove it acquires someone time to change your entire perspective towards how you wanna make your end points. Production ready yet if you wanna say that. So I think besides want done setting up graft, you'll advocation, and we did have a basic working worship fit. We set aside specifically sometime to just look into performance before we could introduce it into production. And that means that when you are making this decision. You wanna ask yourself are you working on a project where timelines extremely important, and maybe you don't have that kind of time to research into some of these things some of the other stuff that you know, we have to think about is audio engineers and your team even in the client site. So if you have Android and ios apps are they believed to put in the effort, and do they have time to go through loaning of introducing graph cure inside the code base..

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