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Center you see health Westchester hospital nationally recognized for providing superior medical care in outstanding patient experience is not bound seventy one a slow go from the White roll into camp what those due to a couple of problems there was a car fire before you get to the Kenwood road ramp earlier then a broken down in the contra phone line both are out of the way now southbound seventy five is doing much better through the lock one split crews are working with an accident on Taylor rival your mac chucking from newsradio seven hundred WLW ladies forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on news radio seven hundred W. L. W. so I'm trying to do a little warmer with a high of thirty nine clear tonight twenty four for the low sunny forty five for your high tomorrow looks like we'll be in the fifties next week in the tri state no chance National Weather Service says of a White Christmas it is nineteen degrees on Wall Street stock prices moving higher at the start of trading today on Wall Street nasdaq's up twenty and the Dow is ahead thirty five how will the Senate handle the impeachment trial of president trump both majority and minority leaders of the Senate expected to be addressing members shortly we'll let you know what they have to say and our next news at ten on newsradio several W. O. W. a Google and for me sure here's seven hundred W. L. W. on I heart radio dell is if you've been feeling tired and grumpy it could be low T. or it could even be sleep apnea millions of men not only suffer from low T..

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