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Go to lake a fire in friday. What did i think okay. The first time i saw it i was underwhelmed i I don't know what i was expecting. But i did not get what i was expecting. I just i was very disappointed. I did not win. when did you see it. I wouldn't have. I came out. This is that a point where it's going to the movies quite a bit and I first couple of years in high school at that point and we went out a lot swell. I never read the book before then. Her now And so. I don't have anything to related to that way. But i just it never spokesman ever got anything out of it. I never got the appeal of it as the worst movie. I've ever seen or anything like that. But it's just not anything that i really had intention of watching again to be honest with you until the show came up and i wanted to see the new one just to see what they did with it and so nice comparison and still even though i watched it it was. I don't know. I just it doesn't it doesn't hit me in the way it hits everybody else. Apparently what'd you. What'd you think of the effects. They're pretty good. I mean for the time minus the you know the silly part about the the eyeballs bulging out of the head. But that was for the or they knows. You're nauseous not as finger. You can't fool a golf ball. You ripped down. He's not gonna happen. Yeah i gotta say that the prostatic stated in this especially with the with the woman ahead That was in segue to me. I watched it with critical. I i remember because when it came out. Initially i was working at the video. The video store and Members huge thing when it came out they had displays everywhere posters everywhere. I got one of the posters and that sort of thing and I remember loving it everything. He was awesome. Remember thinking that schwarzenegger was bad ass. And he's kinda of schwartz. I couldn't. I did not like it the second time around. I wish i could say. I did but i watched it last night. And there's so many so many points where i'm like. I m be this confused guy. He has no idea what's reality. What's not why is he so cocky. You know he has no idea what's actually happening if this is just a dream in his head or not. Or what's what's going on. I didn't think i thought some of the effects were good. Those are good like the prosthetics with the head which was supposed to be this big thing where this the the mask comes off of Scharzenegger at the railway station. Two weeks that sort of thing. I want i understand the logic of putting a mask on that also contains explosives. That i thought was kind of dumb But i.

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