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I've talked to the sisters and I know what they're feeling and so I said to people. Listen the resources down there. This man people down there Doug Jones GonNa win this election and he wanted so Doug Jones perhaps an example of a white candidate who gaps. I'm curious looking at Pew. Research Center Data White Democrats in particular have become much more liberal over the past two decades now a majority of White Democrats identify as liberal. That's not the case for black and Hispanic Democrat absolutely. That number is closer to thirty percent and I think the trump campaign see some of that and says we're going to go after voters of color. For whom the Democratic Party? Maybe too liberal. Are you worried at about that? Divide that exists now between maybe white liberals and more conservative voters of color in the party. Yes and that's what I'm talking about. We're not saying reality versus rhetoric all this liberalism. That's a bunch of rhetoric. Just look at. We regain the house this time. Why not because for Progressives defeated for Progressives in pick up a single thing in those four races that everybody talks about is fine? She beat another Democrat. You know I love She's is fine. She replaced another Black Democrat. As you go down through it but all of a sudden because these other people winning seats Lauren Underwood. She wins a seat against an incumbent. Republican in the district. That's four percent African American. Those are the people that flipped the house. And so when you got all these people with all those liberal rhetoric. It doesn't mean a thing in this district everyone you are house. Majority Whip Party. Unity is your job in part. What do you do facing those kinds of divisions in the party? I mean you mentioned a Alexandra classroom. Cortez she said that in any other country she and Joe Biden would not even be in the same party so facing the nomination and just a general election coming down the pike. What do you think leadership or progressives need to do in order to work out their differences? Nothing there are differences. That's what I'm saying would need to direct our attention to what we can do for people who are trying to participate in this process. What would you do for them? Their families and their communities. That's where we need to folks out attention and I think that's where we're making a big mistake. People ask for time. How do you get such strong support from the back end humidity? How did he get us? Prone support From the Chambers of Commerce I get support for the National Chamber of Commerce. I have never sacrificed principles one time. Never and you look at my voting record. Have a voting record That any so called Liberal Would be embarrassed with you. Hold onto your principles but you make sure that you make programs work for them so I don't talk about Reparations as a thing I'll talk about how we repair faults. That's what's two thirds all about. That's what My student reducing student loan debt. I didn't go out and says I'M GONNA emanate student on that. We got candidates. I'm more in limited. Your student loan debt. I'm going to give you free childcare or give you free college education come on so you clearly doesn't agree with that way of campaigning. Or is there any aspect of what? Progressives are arguing that you think is right that you say you have point we can learn from you. I'm a progressive. I guess okay so perhaps more liberal parts of the party that we've been discussing be practical drink pads but I mean. Is there any any part of their appeal to the public? You think is correct that you say okay we can learn from you Alexander Cortez or Bernie Sanders and take a page out of your book absoluteness. Jamaica. I believe in everybody. Having access to healthcare problem with the goal the problem is how do we get there by the having access to affordable housing? How do we get there? That's where I disagree. I don't think this goal disagree with the approaches. And you're not going to do in South Carolina Georgia Florida Mississippi Alabama Texas. The approaches. GotTa be different. How does call an RN? Defeat the immediate past chair of the Republican National Committee. How does he feel in the district near the B block? He did it by appealing to people's basics. Do you think that if Bernie Sanders wins the nomination that the Democratic Party will lose the general election in the fall? I think it would be very very hard for us to win. We don't have to lose if he's right and remember now he keeps saying if I'm the nominee I'm gonNA turn out all these new voters. He's saying that because he was going to be required if you turn them out. He wins if he doesn't we lose all. I'm saying that George McGovern didn't bring new voters and we cared on the one st just wrapping up here. I know your endorsement as forthcoming have you ever endorsed? Someone and later regretted giving out that endorsement. Yes another elected official. Not An elected official. I regret Feeling the class Thomas will get in touch with his roots when he got to be is a pretty good justice. I will go to my grave regretting ever having to convert to say about his candidacy for the United States. Supreme Court Just didn't think anybody Could have that myself. Hey I thank you sir. Thanks so much for taking time to that..

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