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Be treated if caught early make a plan today to get us to visit pride focus dot org to learn more our trash and recycling workers are out on the front lines providing essential services to keep our communities clean there are several things you can do to help keep them safe first properly dispose of used masks and gloves in the trash second back in time all trash not recyclable finally reduce waste and recycle right learn more go recycle dot org brought you by American chemistry council Montgomery County in the city of Fairfax right a motorcycle for fifty two years I started having back pain that turned into a neat could sit on a motorcycle or cycle he loved riding bikes Kaiser Permanente a they decided they needed a hip replacement so it's going to do it through surgery and a great recovered overnight was home by eleven o'clock the next morning glad I made the choice for Kaiser Permanente Hey I'm enjoying life as a condition of sticks to one one the services are going to welcome back this is the Ben Shapiro show number eight five five two three six thirty two twenty eight at eight five five two three six thirty two twenty eight Karen calling from Hilo Hawaii harried and Karen go for it hello hello how are you.

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