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Latoya Cantrell as issued a passionate open letter in reaction to recent events and protests W. wells Dave Cohen tells us what you saying the mayor says she supports protesters who want positive change in a way that respects the humanity and the integrity of all of our people and in a way that continues to insist that black lives matter Cantrell took issue with protesters coming to her home could not be about storming angrily into a residential neighborhood leaving my daughter feeling terrorized a twelve year old black girl the mayor says we have to be bigger than that we all have to be better than that you can read and hear the entire open letter at WWL dot com Atlanta prosecutors have just announced charges against the police officers are shot ray shard Brooks in the back after a struggle CBS news update comes on the same day that Republicans created the justice act the most ambitious GOP policing proposal and here's in a direct response to massive public protests south Carolina's Tim Scott is the Senate's lone black Republican I think this package speaks very clearly to the young person whose concern when he stopped by the law enforcement officers we see you Democrats handed out their own bill last week White House press secretary Kaylee McEntee is blasting that democratic led bill in the house that would make it easier for people to sue police what what is the Democrat bill deal by removing qualified immunity what you're essentially doing is not allowing police to do their job there would be a decrease in policing in this country of our streets would not be safe CBS news update on that Piper a fire gutted parlays bar on Harrison Avenue this morning left extensive damage next door at lake view burgers and seafood WWLTV is making key reports from Harrison Avenue the owner of Harley's bart my key for tells me they had just finished painting the outside of the bar in renovating the inside on Saturday parleys bar open for the first time since the shutdown began keeper tells me they had a great weekend and are now dealing with.

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