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With corona virus in New York for the two hundred fifty have died in New York since yesterday the rate of hospitalization from corona viruses doubling now every six days in New York state and number three five MTA employees have died from the corona virus the agency announced this afternoon five MTA workers many of them tested positive many more the more in quarantine the MTA's interim president Sarah Feinberg is on the news line we appreciate your time I know it's it's a difficult time can you can you tell us about these employee debts of where they were they involved in any particular area of operations in transit this is an unmissable devastating day and then a dedicated couple weeks from New York City transit on these individuals work across various modes so my fear is that subway is one of that train operator with a track worker so you know just just like other other cities and states are suffering you know these these came from come across the board at New York City transit largest devastated but the level of staffing overall are you seeing more employees calling out are you confident that you'll be able to keep up the level of service if you've been able to provide thus far we're running what we refer to as our central service but you know if it's done well running the best that we can right now it it's it's not it's not great that's not what people are used to we have a lot of folks who are out sick and we have thousands of people who are in quarantine at this point we've been hearing about good over crowding on the trains there's been some video knocking around on social media the NYPD ready to take steps what can you tell us about that is is the MTA prepare to do some things to try and address this issue where where I mean median white peony MTA police actually are all out for us and that our request and we're we're we're pleased that they're working with us on it you know the crowding issue seem to be very sporadic you know we're not seeing it at a lot of places were asking people to use common sense to the best of their ability if if the train approaches if you crash the car please keep walking down the platform to Alaska out of car than the typical behavior you would probably you would probably use anyway so you know it's sporadic but it's not you know it's not something that we that we want to see particularly at this moment in time we certainly appreciate your time and what is a very a tough day for the MTA the MTA interim president Sarah Feinberg on the line thank you so much zero five forty eight at W. C. B. S. time for traffic.

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