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Salonica yeah break it real quick yeah so I just found this out I was out of town for the last two days and and in the time that I was out of town because it was just a story about valves closing apparently a local business person from river forest has jumped in and is saving valves hello there's an update for so the yeah so this and this is actually a news news break glad to hear that they are at least for the next six months was somebody came in and providing some financial support that's going to help them with the books in there at least going to reassess after six months so while valves hello was supposed to close in a couple of weeks there's maybe a reprieve until at least mid twenty twenty so there you go wow that was a surprising stories because you develop the last story that I read the the the current manager of this place a name the guy's name is a chain Blakely who I've met several times he sounded pretty yelled down and depressed so apparently someone came and save the day excellent yeah thanks for the update Elton let's move on to sports you're sandy maser outback Oscar back in the predators in a big way with a seventy one in Nashville last night robin letter thirty six days the hawks chasing back around after the second period also not won three straight games in five the last seven the host the Sabres tonight Chris bogus are covered start with pregame show five thirty John and for the face off six o'clock here on WGN and WGN radio dot com Stanley Cup looking that way right now and league Cup yeah they're they're playing a lot better if they flee look like a completely different Taylor know what happened to them but my gosh tomorrow Dave Wannstedt line they're flying around last night and scoring goals something no no five or more goals in the last three games surveys event happens again tonight here against the Sabres speaking the bears after the first one in a month they're gonna have to the road taking on the defending NFC champions the Los Angeles rams tonight bears at four and five ranches five and four bears running back David Montgomery questionable he's a game time decision tight entry Burton on injured reserve now Hampel being because have pre and post game coverage starting at four o'clock that's when the pre game show starts here on WGN NFL football will have some for is the alliance will host the cowboys from Detroit that comes up later this morning starting at eleven thirty here on WGN pulls out another fourth quarter lead could not hold at the end of phone to that's one seventeen one eleven last night bulls will host Milwaukee tomorrow night college basketball yesterday Bradley over you I see sixty five fifty six well it beats Saint Joseph's eighty five sixty eight southern Illinois lost to San Francisco seventy six to sixty and a Paul now five and all remaining unbeaten after seventy five fifty four win over Cornell on the whole the Blackhawks northwestern Wildcats and white Sox baseball eighty maser WGN sports WGN traffic.

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