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So so the way I look at this story it's gonna inspire people to really chase after your ins and not give up even doesn't seem like they can make what go so I think a great example of that which really resonated with a lot of our listeners. I mean, all I mean, everything you said did but was talking about swimming. Right. That kinda he skill for someone wanting to be a seal and it would probably deter. I mean, the feedback. We got from a live listeners is that if they didn't know how to swim they wouldn't have considered ever joining. So it was really inspiring to them that you're like, okay. So I mean because it's not just like learning how to sell her something, right? Because if you swim you can drown their life industy Claire, it's like a. A skill. So it's not not just something you pick up lately. And it's you know, it's easier to know to learn things like those kind of skills like riding a bike or whatever when you're little right? That's kind of say the saying. But in your case, you you picked up swimming a bit late for for those of you who missed and by the way, missed hanging out with earlier definitely have to go back and check those episodes. But those folks missed it, would you just mind explaining a little bit about why you didn't find it daunting that you couldn't swim. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So growing up in the Bronx, you know? You know, they they there wasn't a lot of access to and and and I can growing up in general, I didn't have exposure. So they're not as women. And when I got the boot camp there was a swim test that we had to pass in order to graduate camp. And I barely barely passing. Only reason why because I was on my back, and I just fought on my back to get to the other side and did not pass. But but other than that, I couldn't swim beat. But at the same time, I had this deep desire with it to become a navy seal. I just knew that that was my purpose. I knew that. There was nothing else in life for me to do. But that now along with being able to swear I was like so that does not being it was wasn't my only deficiency. I was skinny as a whip. I could barely do push ups. And I didn't have the academic scores to be a seal at all, you know, contrary to popular belief. You can't be any the fuel yet have high smart. No, absolutely. And so. I got my first man which was naval hospital Camp Pendleton. I I just created a plan. You know, I watch a lot of buds two three or four talk mentoring videos, and we'll watch videos, and I talk about this brilliant depth in my book. But after watching the videos, I would just write out workout, and then I didn't have a car. So which is run three miles to the pool jump in the pool and try to it out the best I could shallow. And of course. And then I would run three miles back to the Barrett. You know and finally after a certain amount of time I humble myself. And I just asked to lifeguard one day that you could you help me? Can.

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