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Join the conversation at 51283605 90. Now here are Todd and done. All right. All right. Doctor Mescal Marcus Scott he's issued. The warning at this pandemic gets worse Locally. Austin schools may be asked to shut down Boston Travis County Health Authority, Dr Marcus Scott is now ready to close down schools right now due to covert concerns. He is mulling over asking district's to keep kids at home following the holiday break, similar to our recommendations. Thanksgiving. We may recommend to school district if our cases continue to rise over the holidays that they go virtual for the week to two weeks following the Christmas bright to help minimize that secondary transmission raced now, Dr Prescott maintains the most student coated cases are still coming from extracurricular activities and says the classrooms are still relatively safe. John Cooley News radio K O. B. J, Speaking of vaccines and other could be approved at later today. Food and Drug Administration panel is expected to recommend approval of US Second covert 19 vaccine Today. The Madonna vaccine is made the same way as the Fizer shot improved the last week and administered this week. Health and Human Services chief Alex Cesar says FDA scientists gave them a during a drug a positive review that the vaccine is 94.5% effective in reducing the incidence of covert 19 among the treated group. Which far exceeds the standard FDA has set forth for emergency use authorization. And they concluded that the vaccine is safe in independent FDA advisory panel will publicly review the data today and is expected to recommend emergency use, which would clear the way for agency approval and distribution next week. SOCCER MAHOGANY Washington Joe Biden continues the process of selecting Cabinet members. As you know he has chosen P Buddha Judge to run the Transportation Department president elect abide in his adding a former Democratic nomination rival to what he says will be the most diverse. Bruce Cabinet in American history by then had already tabbed the first black defense secretary and the first Latina health and human services chief. Now the first ever openly gay nominee to lead the Cabinet department, choosing 38 year old Pete Buddha judge as transportation secretary, adding youth to an incoming administration dominated by veteran Washington hands, a new voice New ideas determine to move past old politics You've confirmed Buddha judge would be tasked with carrying out Biden's proposals to spend billions on major infrastructure improvements. Soccer mahogany Washington and this could be a chess game because Mayor Steve Adler is close friends with people to judge. And there's been some rumblings that the mayor could be tapped for some sort of federal job clearing the way for maybe Greg CAS are to be Mayor Pro TEM. In fact, that's something he's fighting for. Right now. On the City Council Message Board Council member CAS are right, says Merkel attempt he would take seriously the responsibility to actively welcome diverse perspectives, encourage healthy debate and helped build the consensus necessary to address the city's greatest challenges is our points to the ongoing homelessness problem and contentious issue of reworking public safety as the city's biggest and most unfinished works. So far, he has voted by Mayor Steve Adler for other City Council members and outgoing They're pro TEM Delagarza. John Cooley News radio K O B. J. It is 5 39. The GOP is calling out Democrats for not removing California representative Eric Swalwell from a key committee after revelations that had previously associated with the woman who has turned out to be a Chinese spy. Republican senators aren't stopping it, calling Swalwell hypocritical. They also say there's a double standard at work. I think if a Republican had been do it.

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